Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Official

Winter is here.

It is going to be a long one.

Last night before we went to bed they announced a two hour delay for school today. This morning...changed to CANCELLED. Cover your ears to protect them from the eardrum shattering hoops and hollering from short people. This does not bode well for end of the year snow make up days if snow cancellations are starting now. Somehow I doubt that when they are still in school in the middle of June that they will be so happy. Heaven forbid Spring Break get cancelled or worse yet, one bad winter back in the Dark Ages when I was in school, we missed so many days there were makeup days on SATURDAYS!!! Oh the humanity of it all, how dare they mess with cartoons and American Bandstand!

And now off I go to get ready for work and the slow trek north but not before I liberally dose with headache stuff. You would think I could remember that I am allergic to pine trees but I keep getting caught up in the excitement of it all. Oh well, I can suffer through the next few weeks with tissues stuffed up my nose and gorked out on allergy meds all for the sake of a purty and wonderful smelling Christmas tree. (sorry about the mental pic)


  1. If it makes you feel any better, we've had 2 snow days already, and about 4 or 5 days with 2 hour delays!

  2. I love snow days. We didn't have many in NY. The schools loved to get everyone in then 2 hrs later close the schools.

    I'm allergic to pine too. I understand suffering for the sake of pretty.

  3. Today's our first Snow Day too... and for once, we actually have snow! Here in Tennessee we sometimes close the night before, only to find that the snow amounted to barely anything or missed us completely. This time we got 4" and it looks the roads will refreeze over night. I hate driving on ice, hate it, hate it, hate it.

  4. Oh no . . . allergic to your Christmas tree? I bet yours comes down right on time then. The trip to cut it down sure looked like fun though!



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