Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not that I am counting...

About 7 this morning, the view out my back door was breathtaking...and not just because it was ridiculously cold!

My darlin's socks are coming along.  Actually they have been a tad bit ignored.  Over the Thanksgiving break I worked on them while we were relaxing at the farm.  This one was ready to have the heel turned when I realized that I forgot to lengthen the leg to match the first one.  Rip, rip, rip.  Good thing it is worsted weight on 6's and goes pretty fast. 

Chris' Physics class projects are ongoing.  So far this semester, he has built a mouse trap car that self propelled itself forward and backward.  Then came the monstrous cardboard boat and race.  Next, a mathematically balanced mobile was built.  And now...


I'm scared of next semester.  Reportedly, the biggest project is  to involve up close and personal study of the physics of roller coasters and the building of one.  Wonder where he intends to do that and just how he plans on transporting it!?!?!

Other random  projects feverishly being worked on involve:

Sorry, but that is all I can share about those 2 projects as they are gifts in the making.

Tuesday night, I taught a knitted bracelet class at my LYS and will be doing another this Saturday.  I whipped one and a half bracelets out during the class and hope to finish the second one this evening.  These classes have been perfect timing as they have forced me to sit down and complete the rest of my gift bracelets that needed to be done in time for Christmas.

If you are not already stressed out enough by the thought of just exactly how much time is left to finish gifts, slide down the chimney to Tami's to see what all the other Santa's helpers are up to.


  1. I love that first picture.

    Is he planning on catapulting naughty cats with that? Can I borrow it next?

    Man, a roller coaster. I sure hope you have a big back yard.

  2. What a beautiful view!

    Your son's class is INTENSE! WOW!

    I love the bracelets! Glad you're finding time in between teaching the class to work on a few of your own!

  3. Your view really is breathtaking, wow. Also breathtaking: those knitted bracelets! I wish I were on your Christmas gifts list. ;)

    I love the catapult, too. I remember my friends building projects for physics in high school, but never anything that interesting!

  4. Those bracelets are so pretty! They will make lovely gifts. Maybe you can convince your son to study centrifugal force and make you a ball winder and swift instead!

  5. I love your post. You have really tempted me to take a look at knitting jewelry, those bracelets are very pretty. The physics stories are funny -- it's not many families that have the skills to build a catapult right there at home :-)

  6. Okay, so I'm jealous of your view, a little bit afraid of your son's physics class and somewhat jaw-dropped at those bracelets. They're amazing! I'm especially smitten with the blue one, and I think that some day you should make us a tutorial. :) But that can probably wait til after Christmas.

  7. next time you are in town there is a new yarn shoppe just off of the square in fayetteville.. its called Hand Held.. on block street and they have about 400 different types of yarn according to the article i read on them. Ill let you know more soon.. plan to visit on friday with some girls from work.

  8. Oh you're really getting me intrigued with those knit bracelets. I've seen some crocheted jewelry too. Hmm...

  9. Denise- LOL catapulting cats! DON'T give him any ideas!!!

    Autumn- hmmm, maybe I'll suggest that to his teacher...ya know a purely educational endeavor for the class and not at all selfishly driven

    Marushka, Paula, and Mutant- the bracelets are really super easy. The most difficult part is getting used to working with the wire, but sure makes you appreciate soft fibers!

    Bekka- I went there once last year when I was in town to run the Chili Pepper race. They have a lot of great yarns. Got a beautiful shawl pin. They also had a Christmas tree in their window that had a crocheted popcorn strand on it. The shop owner emailed me the's still sitting in my notebook of things to do, go figure! We need to talk hats...

  10. Beautiful photo! So, my son is now a freshman in high school. I wonder if I have catapults and roller coasters still to look forward to?
    Your socks look great and I love the bracelets. If I lived closer I would love to take your class!



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