Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sugar and Snow

I have learned a couple of very valuable lessons the past two days.

1.  Sugar scrubs make your skin very very very soft.

2.  It is extremely important that you make sure all the sugar is rinsed off of the shower floor.  (Ants like sugar and it is a strange sight indeed to see a line of ants walking through your shower in December!)

Speaking of December, I am sooo not ready for this, but it arrived anyway:

Bella just THINKS she wants to come outside and play!


  1. Love your snow pictures. I was never ready when the snow arrived.

    I think Bella is saying, I get to stay in where it is nice and warm, you slave need to go out in the cold and earn my catfood.

  2. Such a gorgeous seasonal room/yard you have. Love it!

  3. I agree with SuddenExpression, what a beautiful place!

  4. We had a few snowflakes today but nothing as pretty as your snowfall! Beautiful pictures, beautiful home.



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