Thursday, December 9, 2010

Totally Random

Thursdays are kind of odd on their own.  It is not yet Friday, yet the week is so close to being over.

So, in honor of its oddity, I'll share a collection of odd thoughts/activities of my day today.

1.  Catapults do not travel well on school buses, therefore, the Mom Taxi was put into service early this morning.  Child of mine waited until this morning to load it into the car, having chosen last night to take it all the way into the family room instead of out the front door (that he had to walk past) to the car and loading it then.  But, he did do all the loading this morning of it and all of his necessary work uniform stuff.

2.  Just because the catapult and work clothes are loaded, one must never assume said child really got everything.  We were well over halfway into town when Wes called and asked if Chris needed his backpack.  Great! Umm, yeah and he also needs his laptop and the charger he also left at home.  So, we circled back to the highway and met at a gas station as Wes was going to the shop.

3.  Left work early to continue duties as Mom Taxi to take Chris to work.  (SOMEONE better hurry up and finish their online driver's course so I can schedule his supervised driving lessons as he has had close to a year to complete this course and come January 16 he's gonna have to figure out his own transportation if he's not ready to walk into the BMV to get his license...he's been warned and informed of impending upfront taxi fees that will be imposed)  We get to his job and he goes on in, but then comes back to the car before I can get out, "Um Mom, here's $5 because you left work early to come get me and take me to work, but um, I don't actually work today after all.  I love you."

4.  Last night, I made chicken stir fry for dinner.  It was so so.  We love the Teriyaki Chicken at Sarku Japan but I have not been able to figure out the secret.  Searched all my favorite haunts for copycat recipes/chef forums and found a tutorial written by someone who is currently a professional chef, but that years ago worked as a cook at Sarku.  Next week...definitely.  While on the recipe search, I also spent some time looking for a knock off of my most favorite rice of all time...Sweet Rice at Bajio Mexican Grill.  This is what I found.  Made it tonight and man oh man was it goooooood!!!

5.  Football is interrupting my Fringe fix.

6.  On that note, I'm gonna go pour a glass of wine, sit, knit, and channel surf. 

1 comment:

  1. I don't really miss those Mom taxi days.

    Barbara Walters is preempting my Grey's Anatomy.



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