Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIPW #7590817395

Maybe not, but it feels like it!

Where to start?  How about the kitchen...

This is dinner for tomorrow night.  Looks yummy, huh?  Pardon my hand, but the recipe says to "massage the chicken", no way am I putting my hands in THAT!  Have faith, it will be fall on the floor yummy and I will share details tomorrow.

Elsewhere in the world of fiber, fabric and fur...

Norman.  Who else?  What a camera hog!

The pretty pink and green is being turned into the adorable hat below.

Cathy at my LYS is hosting an on-line "12 Days of Christmas" knitalong.  She is sending out a set of instructions for each day. So far, so good.  Still have to do today's set, but that is what commuting time when your hubby is driving is for.

Sad sock.  It is feeling abandoned.  

One of my friends that I knit with on Tuesday has an adorable travel teacup/saucer tote.  Another friend and I have been searching all over the web looking for another.  It is discontinued...bah humbug.  So, this past weekend, I borrowed the original, made a pattern and whipped up the very very rough mock up shown below (no handle on top, no zipper, etc).  I used some old shower curtain fabric and some extra batting to "quilt" it.

The practice run was approved by my peeps, so off I went to the fabric store today to get the supplies to make 5 totes for them. The decorator fabric I chose is pre-quilted and has lovely coordinating fabric on the reverse side.  Guess what I'm gonna be doing this weekend?

Gotta run, time to massage my chicken again!

There is bound to be less disturbing sights but equally busy crafters over at Tami's.  Pay her a visit, and try to remove the whole concept of Fowl Massage from your mind (until tomorrow anyway).


  1. I'm interested in what your doing with that chicken. The pink and green will make an adorable hat.

    I LOVE those fabrics your using in the tea totes. Will you share how you made them?

  2. Those hats are SO fun to knit, and so fast. I love the way the stem comes together. Your chicken looks less cute at the moment, but I have faith. And I'll definitely be back tomorrow to see what it turns into!

  3. I will definately tune in tomorrow to see what became of the massaged fowl. Norman knows bright and pretty yarn when he sees it. What good taste! The hat will be so cute in those colors. The travel teacup/saucer tote is so cool. This tea drinking anglophile highly approves.

  4. Your cat is so cute! And she (he?) is a photo hog! She's in almost every picture you took!!

  5. Norman and Amos are brothers that were in the litter my son found when they were only a couple of days old (the mom had them on our neighbors boat, they moved them, she abandoned them) I bottle fed and trained them. All 5 survived. I kept Norman and Amos. At first, I thought they were girls so their original names were Nora (after Noisy Nora because this cat is a TALKER!) and Amelia. Surprise!!! boys... Ashley is from the next litter the feral mama had before we could catch her. Bella and Sophie are the first 2 I had, they (especially Sophie) are not exactly pleased, but are tolerant of the others. Norman literally comes running every single time I get the camera out.

  6. I would definitely be massaging that chicken with a utensil, too! And I love that cute little berry hat, I think it's going to look great in pink.

    I envy your ability to and sew up a project like that! The mockup tote looks great, and I like the fabric you chose for the non-mockup ones.

  7. Wow, you've been busy! I love the hat you're making, and the colors are going to be brilliant for it!



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