Friday, January 14, 2011

Cat Models

I have some helpers this morning in the display of my measly two FO items.

Amos, Norman and Ashley have been busy and are currently tearing through the house.

First up are the felted slipper clogs that I made for Wes.  I liked them without the leather sole probably the best, but have to say that although the bottom was super squisy soft before, the addition of the sole millionized how squishy soft it is.  I used 2 skeins of Lopi in colorway 9987.

This is a rarity...Ashley was actually caught on camera during the day outside of my bedroom!

Next up is the very braidy cowl. I used 1 skein of the Silkindian Duke Silk Yarn in colorway SI-008.  Amos asked to model it cuz it is soooo soft and warm.

Ain't I purty?  Pfffft...I hear you snickering over there Norman!

Here, lemme just lay it out on the floor so you can see it...

I'm exhausted now!

That's all for now.  Still waiting on a few more ideas to trickle in for yarn usage.  Keep 'em coming, ya'll are great!

Putzing around the house this morning, then heading in to the knit shop to kill some time before picking Chris up to go take care of tagging/titling his car and scheduling his instructed driving lessons.

He has until the 16th to get it all taken care of.  It seems (in his typical teenage mind that nothing is his fault brain) that the fact that he has had close to a year to complete a self paced driver education course (24 lessons that could have been done at the rate of one a day) BEFORE he can do the lessons is MY fault.  I told him that, as he has had ample time to complete this, come the 16th (the first day he is eligible to convert his permit to actual license) that he is on his own to figure out how to get to work.  Mom taxi has retired, but is available for prepaid scheduling.  He did not like that idea and balked saying that is sooooooo not fair! And that, HOW AM I GONNA GET TO WORK?  Fine, I'll just quit! (um, how ya gonna pay tags, insurance, gas?)  I agreed to allow him to get a job a year and a half ago in order for him to "save" money for his car.  He really wanted me to kick in half.  HAH...he purchased his car from his older brother for just a little over $2500.  At this point in time, I have driven him to and from work, which included me having to leave my job early and added wear and tear to my vehicle and caused me to incur additional fuel charges for my car and Wes' as we normally carpool to work.  If you do the math and JUST use mileage from our house to and from his job, conservatively say he only worked 2 days a week to allow for all the time he had requested off, and use the IRS multiplier for reimbursement of 0.585/mile, I currently have a vested interest in his car to the tune of over $2300 (in reality, the number is closer to 4K).  And that is the CONSERVATIVE estimate.  So, in essence, I have more than contributed to the purchase of his car and essentially have MORE of an interest in it than he does!!!  Arrrrggghhhh! Rant over, back to our previously scheduled fiber follies.

The fiber fanatics at Tami's have a lot to share!


  1. Ooh! Pretty cowl. And your model's pretty cute, too. I found you the perfect sweater, but the yardage was off by just a bit. Boo. Stupid yarn-sucking cables. I'll keep looking tonight! :)

  2. The cowl and the slippers turned out really nice. The cats are funny too. I have one that likes to edge in on pictures herself.

  3. Both projects turned out so great! I can't believe you kitty let you put that cowl on! Mine would NOT be very happy about that. LOL

  4. Best. Models. Ever. These photos are cracking me up, I love them! I love the texture and shine of that cowl, silk yarn was an awesome choice for it.

  5. Excellent projects & excellent models! I think the slipper soles are a great idea, the knitted soles just wear out too quickly otherwise. (Sorry about the car aggravation... of course it's your fault, isn't everything? Yup, I have a teenager at home too.)

  6. I love the cowl and the clogs. What cooperative models you have! At least someone is cooperating! Ugh, more stuff to look forward to with my teenager! I thing the pre-paid scheduling is a good idea. One of my friends recently started presenting her son with a bill for picking up stuff he left laying around the house....hee-hee.

  7. My Tennessee is like Ashley. We call her the bedroom cat. Clogs look great with the added soles.

    Love your cowl model. Aren't they so helpful like that.

    ARGH Teenagers!!!



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