Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sunday, it warmed up, a little. We went into town to do a little geocaching.  If you have never done this, you should give it a try.

Our first find, by the river in town.

Number 2, off the People Trail.

Number 3, behind Total Fitness.

Number 4, near St. B's.

Four for four, until...near the pond behind the new Senior Center.  According to the details, this one was last found in July.  We are pretty sure it had washed away.  That's our story anyway.

Number 5, hidden in the Clock Tower in Mill Race Park.

Number 6, in Architectural Alley downtown...

Fail Number 2...near the old Senior Center...

We are positive this is the critical clue, but no luck finding it.  

After 3 hours, we were frozen but smiling from the excitement of the find, and even the fails.


  1. We went geocaching on Monday too! Small world eh? I love caching, its so much fun and gets you out the house for a great walk. We only found one, but managed to walk about 3 miles. We were in search of another but ended up the wrong side of a mahoosive reservoir and at that point didn't want to trek around it lol :-) You did great, 6 in one day, wow!

  2. I geocache on occasion. It's great fun. My geocaching.com name is "bustinmins" :) Look me up and add me as a friend.

    Enjoyed the pics!




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