Friday, January 21, 2011

Gonna be a long day...

Technically, it is Friday already, by 9 minutes anyway. I am still up, trying to get everything packed and organized so that I can leave in a few hours...6 to be exact.

The snow yesterday will not make this a very enjoyable drive. I am driving to NW Arkansas to be there as my eldest son gets on the bus at the recruiter's office to be driven to Little Rock for his swearing in prior to departure for Basic Training (Army). I will be at both locations. As if a little weather could stop a Mommy!

I have struggled with his decision on many different levels, but the emotional, he is MY BABY one is the most difficult to deal with. This week has been especially trying, resulting in it being very uncomfortable for me to wear my contacts. Spontaneously bursting into tears, while trying to hide my emotions makes for some red, itchy eyes.

Where did my little blonde curly headed chubby cheeked organizing construction paper liner upper hermit crab killer skateboarding Lumpy go? By all accounts, he should only be about 5 minutes old.

Let it be known Army world and world in general...I am MOM, don't make me go Mama Bear all over you, cuz I will!

I love you Alex.


  1. I hope your drive goes safely. Will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday for some serious knitting therapy. Love you, Dina!

  2. Hugs and good thoughts! You raised a fine young man our country is grateful for his service. Thank you for sharing him with us all for a little while.

  3. Good wishes to you, your son,and everyone who loves him. This is a big transition for the whole family... Tears are understandable.



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