Monday, January 10, 2011

I am irritated and inflamed...

according to Liz.  Or maybe, that should be: I am irritating and inflaming.  Okay, both would be accurate.  But when you are sick, you should be allowed.  Pity party over.  Spent the day napping, surfing, napping, surfing, knitting, napping...well, you get the picture.  

When Wes got home this evening we enjoyed some wonderful fresh vegetable and lentil soup that I had the forethought to make last night and stick in the fridge for reheating tonight.  Hit the spot and next best thing to chicken soup on a cold night such as this.  

During my surfing today, I came across this little download that is being provided for free by Eskimimi (who happens to be the moderator of The Blog Hub forum on Ravelry).  I printed out a sheet and can't wait to give them a try.  You should browse around, she has loads of neat things on her blog!

Finished the slipper/clogs for Wes and they are in the washer being felted as I type.  This is tricky as I have a front loader. I hate hand felting, and I am too impatient to wait until tomorrow to borrow a friend's top loader.  Just tried opening the door to check on them...that was reminiscent of a "Brady Bunch" episode!  The suspense is killing me.  

We are supposed to be getting more snow, possibly tomorrow.  But then again, I already knew the weather was going to turn because my weather ankle told me two days ago.  Many, many moons ago during the summer I was supposed to take my college PE credits in the form of bowling and tennis, I broke my ankle/foot while I was wearing ballet flats and stepping down one step out of the pharmacy section at my Dad's drugstore.  Needless to say, I subbed in my arts credits instead!  I heard it pop but decided it was nothing...that is until I tried to drive my VW home!!!  Clutch=pain  Anywho, since then my ankle gives me advance warning and is much more reliable than the weatherman.

Stay warm, print out the freebies (be sure to give Mimi the love!) and embrace the subtle way I tricked you into an organizing tip!


  1. My back, hip and neck are more accurate than the weather people. I feel your pain.

    We are going to warm up to the 70's this weekend. Maybe you should take a trip down and help me organize my stash. In return, I would teach you how to spin, dye and stuff you full of barbeque and Mexican food.

  2. ok.. how do you "hand felt" something??? what purpose does it serve?

  3. Denise, you better be careful or I just might show up sometime! Lol!

    Bekka...sink full of hot hot hot water, agitate by hand can use a washboard, until it magically begins to felt. Can shock it with cold water to further felt it. Lots of tutorials online. I hate doing it even with dish gloves on makes my hands tired. Got a blister on both thumbs when I did the boys' Mohawk hats. Ouch!

  4. We are all sick here too. None of us are real stoics either so the whining is pretty constant! At least I can knit while I am resting :-) I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Thanks for that link to the bookmarks. That is so helpful. I'll have to browse around that blog.



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