Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pattern Ideas Results

Last week I had posted a listing of some yarn in my stash and a plea for pattern ideas.  What is amazing is that everyone that sent ideas, really tapped into what I like.  Nearly all of them I have either printed out or sent to my favorites file on Ravelry

So, here is my plan... the Charcoal Country is going to be February Lady Sweater (sorry it is a Ravelry link).

The purple/blue Andes will be Montparnasse.

The Heather Deluxe Worsted is likely going to be Tubey.

And the Colts Blue Alpaca with a Twist said it wants to be Amused.  This pattern is very similar to one that I had originally bought this yarn for, but Amused has a few more special details that makes it a better choice.

Thank you for all your ideas.  My pattern idea book is much thicker now.  Guess that means I really need to go buy some more yarn.  

Now, what to start first, or better yet, I could cast on all of them thereby insuring a potential WIPW post for quite some time.  

Nothing new to report with current projects.  The curtain is just hanging around.  A second pair of slippers is in the works.  Frankly, I've had a few hundred other things to mess with lately. 

Tami's is where you need to go to see some wonderful stuff people have actually started.


  1. Those are all awesome choices, Dina! Very nice! Can't wait to see you working on them! :)

  2. Good luck with Amused and February Lady. Those are my favorite--just gorgeous textures and shapes!

  3. Holy smokes, I totally forgot to send you ideas, but you got some amazing ones. I really like the February lady sweater!

  4. Great choices for your next projects.
    I really enjoyed knitting my February Lady Sweater.

  5. Those are all great options. Isn't it nice to have a plan sometimes? Of the ones you mentioned, Amused is my favorite. I will definitely attempt it one day soon!

  6. So many great sweaters! I especially love the Montparnasse, so versatile. The FLS is a fun one to knit. I wear mine all the time.

  7. eh, life happens. It keeps getting in the way of my crafting, dammit!

  8. I'm for FLS. Casting on all sounds good too.



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