Monday, January 31, 2011

Still playing catch up

Since I was gone last weekend and partway into the week, my cleaning schedule got a little off.  No worries, just picked up on the day I returned and move forward.   

Last week would have been Zone 8: All Bathrooms

Monday:  Straighten cabinets and drawers

Tuesday:  Vacuum and mop
                 Wash/shake rugs

Wednesday:  Remove cobwebs

                     Dust baseboards, window sills, furniture

Thursday:  Clean windows, switchplates, doors, and showers

This week, I move into Zone 9:  Laundry Room, Exercise Room, and Downstairs Spare Bedroom

Monday:  Straighten closets, cabinets, drawers
                Wash mattress pad and turn mattress

Tuesday:  Vacuum and mop

Wednesday:  Remove cobwebs
                     Dust window sills, baseboards, furniture and ceiling fans

Thursday:  Clean windows, switchplates, and doors.

This past Saturday, I worked on painting the laundry room door, door frame, and window framing.  Sunday, needed to put one more coat on the window sill.  Bella decided to help.  Apparently she thought the laundry room floor (wood) needed extra decoration of white cat paw prints.  Thirty minutes later, I had the last laugh, I think. 

1 comment:

  1. Awww, did you take pictures of the pussycat prints on the floor?

    Thanks for the lists, I'm compiling them all for when I adapt them to my own home!



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