Friday, January 7, 2011


Today has started on a good note.  I know what day it is and that TODAY is the day for senior year planning meeting!  Doesn't get much better than this without yarn, wine and chocolate added.

The first of the FO's for today can be totally blamed on Sara and Denise.  


my first attempt at dyeing yarn with Kool Aid:

Yarn used was some creamy white Lamb's Pride that originally was going to be used for the Olympic Hat that I quickly gave up on...not really a hat girl anyway!

Three packages of Black Cherry and enough water to cover the yarn.

Brought just to boiling, heat turned off, lid put on and left to stew for 30 minutes.  Stirred during commercials :)  AMAZING, the water clears as the dye is absorbed.

Washed, rinsed and hung to dry...

The yarn had sort of a heathered appearance.  

Then, someone wanted the back underside layer of her hair dyed also...

At least it is temporary!

Finished and blocked the Twelve Days of Christmas that Cathi did as a KAL.  I deviated from the final directions because I didn't read them correctly I am a rebel like that.  It was knit in two sections and then joined.  The snowflake is supposed to be in the middle and the ruffle on the end.  Ok, I screwed it up, but in my defense, I want to be able to see the snowflake and you can't if it is in the middle.  The ruffle in the middle adds a bit of fluff and warmth that can be balanced by an offset knot on the other side. 

Never underestimate the power of reading a pattern wrong, having it turn out great, and getting to change your story to "I did it on purpose...aren't I cutting edge brilliant?"

Gotta run, or I will be late for the correct meeting day time.  When I'm back, I will be "dyeing" to visit Tami to see what everyone else has finished.  (Sorry, can't help myself, I'm a dork that way)


  1. Ooh, I love your Kool-Aid dyed yarn! The heathered effect is great. I'm going to have to try some Kool-Aid dyeing, I think.

    I think your scarf mistake turned out wonderfully, the ruffle in the middle looks fantastic!

  2. Gah! Everywhere I look, people are dyeing gorgeous yarn. I'm taking it as a sign. I've gotten so far as taking all my Wilton food coloring out of the cabinet and lining it up on the counter. It's a start, right? Also, amazing job!

  3. I finally found your comments. The dyeing turned out well and the scarf is really neat.

  4. YAY for yarn dyeing! I used some red kool-aid for my latest dye as well. GMTA! It turned out beautiful! Great job on the scarf. It's pretty!

  5. Your dyed yarn is terrific. The first time I dyed with Kool-Aid, I was stunned at how easy it was to get great results. Lately I've been using McCormick's food coloring instead -- you have to use vinegar or citric acid, but it's still really easy (and it doesn't have the lingering kool-aid smell).

    I love your rebel scarf :-)

  6. I love the pictures of dyed hair along with dyed yarn! I bet you will be off on more yarn dyeing adventures now that you've started. It's as addicting as knitting! I like the scarf too.

  7. So happy you have ventured into the world of dyeing yarn! I love koolaid dyeing. Lots of fun!

  8. Your yarn turned out great. Glad I inspired you to try. You can also use the Wilton frosting dyes found at Michaels and Joanns for more colors. Same way as koolaid.

    I wouldn't have known you made a mistake in the 12 Days. It looks good.



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