Thursday, January 6, 2011

What day is it?

The really bad thing about having taken time off from work and then returning in the middle of the week is that your whole calendar comprehension gets thrown off.

All day yesterday, it felt like Monday.

Today, I suffered from the inability to look at my calendar and match up the scheduled events to the right day.  

Chris will be a senior next year and the school scheduled a planning/review meeting to prep for this last year and plan for post high school educational endeavors.  The appointment is January 7.  So, of course I left work in time to get there TODAY at 12:30.  Tried to convince them that I was just so excited about his last year, that I was overly prepared and did not want to be late.  The principal did not believe me!

When you have a week like this, it helps to laugh at yourself and also indulge in some other giggles.  

I love this blog.  Whenever I need a chuckle and a reminder that, really, I am not making such bad choices/actions in comparison to some of the "what were they thinking"s highlighted I make a visit.  Go for a giggle.

I think tomorrow is Friday (but it feels like Wednesday).

Going to bed now, cuz I do know it is nighttime.

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  1. Hi Dina, thanks for stopping by today. We are all getting back to normal schedule here, too. The week seemed to fly by.

    I've showed up at doctor appointments on the wrong MONTH if you can believe it! (One of the problems of the computer calendars - easy to enter something on the wrong month!)



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