Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Work is a four letter word

I had to go back to work today.  Someone had to call in payroll and attempt to find my desktop.  Alex came up to the shop also and after I got the bulk of what HAD to be done finished, we took off in search of some more decorating stuff for his room.  That kid has good taste! (he gets it from me...hee hee hee)

Clearly I am not all mentally caught up with stuff following the holiday aftermath.  Realized this morning that I had failed to post info about this week's Zone Cleaning. This is Zone 5:  Living Room week.  The activities for the week are the same as last week, just in a different room.  

Monday:  Straighten bookcases, cabinets, drawers

Tuesday:  Detailed vacuum and mop

Wednesday:  Remove cobwebs
                       Dust window sills, baseboards, furniture, and ceiling fan

Thursday:  Clean windows, switchplates and doors
                    Clean under cushions

Sunday evening I had a MAJOR kitchen crisis that has yet to be resolved.  I am in withdrawl and am having difficulty coping.  We have been doing a major remodel to the house.  A new portion was added on and plans for the existing area include gutting and redoing the kitchen, girls' bathroom, our bedroom, our dressing room.  So, the stove and oven have been giving me fits.  It's as if they know their days in that house are numbered.  I had prepared a turkey breast for dinner and was planning on working on a dessert treat to take to knitting on Tuesday in honor of Cheryl's birthday.  My intention was to make Peppermint Meringues filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache.  Got the meringue all whipped up and piped onto the parchment paper lined pans.  Stuck them in the oven at 175 and ignored them for an hour and a half.  Ummm, the oven died.  Woe is me!  Pretty sure that it is just the igniter that went out, but I don't have time for this foolishness.  Wes confirmed that the broiler igniter still works and he is planning on switching the two this weekend.  But, of course, everything I have planned on cooking for meals this week REQUIRES the OVEN!!  Meringues got tossed and had to resort to Plan B...Cherry Breeze Pie.  I love this stuff.  Childhood memories are found in its goodness.  A birthday spent in Labor and Delivery trying desperately NOT to have my twins was made better by this stuff.  I could seriously just mix it up and eat it straight out of the bowl:

1 graham cracker crust
1 8oz package cream cheese   (do NOT use fat free, I do not care what your thighs NOT do it!)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla.
1 can cherry pie filling (you can use other things but kinda makes the name weird if you deviate, so don't be a deviant, your mother will be proud)

Mix the cheese, milk, lemon juice and vanilla until smooth.  Pour into crust and chill overnight.  Top with the pie filling and proceed to eat it all, not sharing with anyone enjoy.

Back in knitting-land, have not had a chance to work much on the curtain due to uncontrolled Crafty ADD...oooh look there's more yarn!

Last night, I started and got almost completely done with the first slipper/clog for my darlin'.  Don't you just love letting someone look at something and try it on BEFORE it is felted and inwardly roll on the floor at the look on their face?

Plugging along the cowl.

That's all she wrote and all I've got for now.  Time to go home and figure out what to cook without an oven and bemoan the fact that every single thing that sounds good right now ain't gonna happen.

They are cookin' with gas (ha ha ha, yeah it really is time to go home) at Tami's


  1. The cowl is looking great, Dina! Lovin' the color as well.

  2. I'm a little tired just from reading about everything you have going on! Good luck with the oven, the cleaning, the renovations, and (of course!) with your beautiful projects.

    I loved the pictures in your earlier posts this week, too.

  3. Wow, your cherry breeze pie recipe brought back some great childhood memories! That was the only non-Vietnamese dessert that my mom whipped up for us and to this day I daydream about it. Hope your oven gets fixed soon. Your cowl is looking so pretty.

  4. It seems appliances like to die around the holidays. Good thing yours waited a bit.

    I used fat free cream cheese once to make frosting, it was a disaster. In my defense, I didn't buy the cream cheese, someone gave to me.

    Love that cowl, it's so very pretty.

  5. Two things I love about this post; your intention to make peppermint meringues especially to make little sandwiches of them (!) and 'uncontrolled Crafty ADD...oooh look there's more yarn' my bestie and I suffer from this horribly. LOL Love it!



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