Monday, February 7, 2011

The Calendar is Cruel...

As I was running on the treadmill earlier, all sorts of things, frightening, terrifying, horrendous things were floating through my mind.

Did you know it is nearly the MIDDLE of February?

Did you know it is just about one month until Spring Break for us?

Did you know that means it is soon going to be shorts season?

Did you know that means bathing suit season follows VERY soon after that?

Did you know that means I really need to NOT get off of the treadmill for the next month, at the very least?

Thought I would share. That's what I'm here for... :)


  1. It's never really stopped being shorts season where I am. Except for the odd week here and there.

    Bathing suit season starts about May as our pool is not heated. Could be April, if God forbid, it heats up early.

  2. How does it go by so fast?? Ugh, I think I will hit the treadmill too!



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