Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't be fooled

He may have a sweet little face...

But he is a stinker...

Norman is a thief.  He loves bread and if there are any leftover rolls or bready things, it is imperative that they be hidden. 

He will steal them.

He will eat them.

He is not very neat and does not clean up his messes.

The latest incident:  there were some scones left out on the counter in a storage container.  I had been saving them and some yummy bread from my Valentine's surprise and was rationing and allowing myself one or two a day.  One day late last week, I came home to find an empty and BROKEN box on the floor. 


This is not a false accusation, he has been caught before and his reputation as a hell raiser precedes him.


  1. My Raven kitty is also a carboholic, We had to get a breadbox and put it on top of the fridge right at the edge cause he figured out how to open it!

  2. Wow, kitty must think he's a dog!
    P.S. I *love* your wall colors.



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