Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Mommy

Last week on Valentine's Day, I got a letter from Alex.  

It was a short one, but he is very very busy and Mama is thrilled to get any amount of words from him.  

This past Saturday, besides being a truly gorgeous day, turned into an extra special one.  The mailman brought another letter!

I have forwarded the house phone to my cell phone and make sure that on Sundays it does not leave my side on the off chance that he gets to call.  Well, Saturday, I was busily painting window trim when my phone rang and it said "unknown."  I almost did not answer it.  Boy am I glad I was my sweet baby boy!  He is very hoarse,  tired, but loving every minute.  They are officially done with Red Phase and have moved to White Phase.  I conference called in his Dad so we could both talk to him.  He requested loads of cough drops to help with the sore throat from yelling.  A few other requests were also made, specifically lots and lots of pictures!  

Yesterday and today have been spent gathering items for a care package.  The other thing that has had me bouncing off the walls, is that he got to call me AGAIN on Monday morning.  It is time to start planning reservations and other things for his BCT graduation.  Will be taking a little extra time for a side trip to the beach.  Hopefully, Alex may be able to come with me for  a day or so (he reportedly will be getting a couple of weeks for family time and recruiting before he reports to AIT).   

Life is good and I am so proud of my son!

 I swear this was just yesterday...

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