Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello...have we met?

Seems like I know you...

The last couple of weeks have been a tad bit on the bizarro side.

Been busy, but not sure what I've gotten accomplished.

The major fly in the ointment has been me just not feeling too great.  We are heading into Spring allergy season and it seems that my eyes are trying to get a head start!  You know, that itchy, goopy, crusty, blecchy, where does all this eye gunk come from kind of feeling?  (you are welcome for the share factor).  If it is starting now, I cringe thinking about what is coming.  When you can't see very clearly due to all the gunk and the wild fluttering of your eyelids leading strangers to thinking you are flirting, it is difficult to focus--ha ha pun intended--on what you are doing.  So, as little as possible is what has been doing.

The only thing remotely finished that I can share this week, is that, um, well, I finished the week! Yay! Hooray!

My last baby bird has flown the nest, so to speak.  Wednesday afternoon, Chris FINALLY got his driver's license.  I fully expect to see him only when it is his curfew or when he needs money...wonder which one will come first?

Snail mail communication with Alex has picked up a bit.  Bless his little heart, he sounds so hoarse on the phone.  Sent out a huge care package this week, complete with deodorizing spray ("Mom, my locker STINKS!") along with a big bunch of pictures from home...ya know, so he won't forget what we look like!

Wesley is so excited to finally have his class ring in his possession.  Earlier in the week, he taught himself how to change the oil in his car.  So proud of my baby boy!  Self reliance/self sufficiency is something that I speak of often with my boys, so it's times like these when I know at least one was listening.

Wes and I are in the process of planning our garden for this year.  Will be putting several raised beds near the house for a mixture of flowers, herbs, and a few vegetables, but the larger planting will be "off-site."  We have the okay from a neighbor to use one of their horse lots, not currently in use, to build larger raised bed frames for a few other vegetables.  We'll see how that goes.  While I am happy to have access to the space (much like the garden that was at the farm when I was growing up), I am not too crazy about not having it literally in my backyard.  The list of seeds to order is ready.  We have chosen to only use heirloom/non-GMO seeds from here.

Knitting-wise, the old Crafting ADD has reared its ugly head again.  The Montparnasse is still plugging along.  One more sleeve and it will be ready to seam up and do the finishing knit bits.  The February Lady Sweater is still on needles at the yoke and is likely going to turn into the March Madam Sweater at this rate!  However, I did manage to start TWO new projects that screamed "start me now, do not wait, you know you want to knit me up, c'mon c'mon I promise I'm a fast knit and won't interfere with the other googlyzillion other things you are doing" (Liars)  The first is one that I foolishly was misled by the name into thinking easy also meant fast (clearly I did not read the whole stinking pattern and did not notice the part about knitting 1/1rib for 60 inches and then picking up 150 stitches, then increasing to 300 stitches for 500000000 inches and then increasing again to 600 stitches for 3498174981274 inches...fine that might be slightly exaggerated).  But, lemme say that the Easy Ruffle Coat (Ravelry download) is cuuute!  It is coming to life in Feza yarn colorway 712.  The other time stealer is a baby blanket for the son of one of our employee's.  Yes, I have known for months and months that they were having another baby, but, well, you know how it is.  Baby Oliver is going to be receiving the Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat blanket done in Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran in a baby blue colorway.

So, Tami's is where you can find projects that are actually finished, but I am sticking to my original statement that I did finish the week...oooh AND this post!


  1. Hey at least you finished 2 things!

  2. Ooh! Can't wait to see how your garden comes together! I'll live vicariously through you this year, I think.

    Also, I can't believe you thought something with the word "coat" in it would be a quick knit -- it's SUPER cute though! Enjoy!

  3. You sound super busy! I've been having major allergy issues early too :( Hope you feel better.

  4. Sounds like you got quite a bit done! The thing about craft ADD is that you will pretty soon you''ll have 4 or 5 projects to show off. I hope you feel better this weekend.

  5. I know what you mean about the allergies, mine have been active for a couple of weeks already and barely anything outside is even green yet. Good luck with all your projects -- the baby blanket is going to be adorable!



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