Friday, February 18, 2011

Lace and dangles...

It is off needles.

And blocked.

And dangled.

And hung up.

And did I mention...DONE.

Take that evil lace pattern...

As you can see, Sophie would have been totally annoyed if I had done the cafe curtain version on the bottom half.  The dangly, beady thingys are from a beaded bar hanging (three of them) that Wes had bought for me several years ago.  After finishing the last two rows, binding off and making the rod pocket, I spent TWO hours meticulously tying/sewing on each and every bead strand.  Hanging in the window, I can see the pattern error, but since I was consistent and did not fix it, it is repeated a second time thus making it intentional.  Right?  <that is your cue to say, error, what error?  looks perfect to me>

I am DONE with lace...

...until tomorrow, when I get back to the February Lady Sweater and finish sorting throught the five patterns (all with lace, of course <rolling my eyes at myself>) that I just printed off Ravelry.  

Now, peoples, it is Friday, so you know what that means?  

Besides that it is "Jimmy Johns Friday"...

"Ya gotta see the baby!"

(name that sitcom/episode)

No, really, ya gotta see the "babies" that all the proud mamas are showing off at Tami's.


  1. And looks FANTASTIC! Nice work, and Happy Weekend!

  2. What error? It looks perfect to me!

    (Seriously. It looks amazing, it's a perfect pattern to be in a window like that with light coming through it, and I love the beads, too.)

  3. I love that! It looks like it was quite the tedious project, though.

  4. That is so pretty. I love all the dangling things. I bet when the sun shines through it will be quite a show.

  5. The beads look nice. And, of course, so does the lace! Can't see the "design elements" from here...

  6. Error, what error? I swear that I cannot see it.

    Adding the beads was a terrific idea -- I love how it all came together.



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