Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew FO

My needles have been very very busy the last several days.  But, not the knitting needles...  My sewing machine and serger have gotten quite the workout.

Wanna see?

Tea for Two plus Two plus One = Five Travel Tea Cozies:

The inside basically looks like what is shown here.

Ugly utility sink BEFORE:

Prettiness, AFTER (done in three sections to allow for the front to be lifted up for access to the stuff hidden beneath the sink):

For the BEFORE pic, use your imagination to envision your everyday, bland, boring, black task chair.

Now, voila...AFTER:

Happy Valentine's Day!!  (forgot that I am not a big fan of Burda patterns)

And, what did all those scrappy bits of leftover fabric turn into?

With the addition of some pleather from the covering of my dressing table stool, I now have 4 Pseudo-Log Cabin quilt pillow fronts to use for the back porch.  Picked up some lovely coordinating solid green for the back.  Now to stuff 'em.

Other needle noodlings are being showcased at Tami's.


  1. Those are cute tea-cozies. And I love the make-overs. I bet it makes you feel good that those spaces are pretty now.

  2. WOW. That is some very impressive work. The upholstery has turned a boring office chair into total "couture." Can you reupholster my chairs??

    The log cabin pattern looks elegant and sleek. I'm so used to seeing kind of homey log cabins that it really turns my sight around to see such elegance. Wonderful!

  3. You have been crazy busy! WOW, I love everything! It all looks so professional.

  4. Oh, fun projects! That green fabric is excellent, I love all the projects you did with it.

  5. I LOVE your sink skirt!! I have a very ugly utility sink AND a brand new sewing machine... I sense a copycat project coming on :)

  6. Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! *snort* So in the bit about the tea cozies, it says something about the insides look like *this* with a link. I was curious, so I clicked and landed on a measuring cup full of nasty looking raw chicken. And then I laughed so hard Diet Coke came out my nose. Just saying...

    Anyway, apart from that - I'm totally in awe of your sewing talent. The tea cozies and the laundry room decorations are beyond fabulous. As is your nightie. Fabulous job!

  7. @ Paula...yeah it is a tad bit disconcerting until you scroll down. ROFLOL!!!

  8. I am very impressed (a.k.a. jealous!) with your sewing abilities! I love the floral fabric you used in your utility room. And it looks like you are all ready for Valentine's Day! I bet your husband is impressed with your sewing too. : )

  9. You've been very busy with your machine. I love the fabrics of your tea cozies.

  10. You did so much gorgeous sewing this week, I'm amazed and slightly jealous! I really love the tea cozies, which are all such good fabrics and a truly awesome blend of functional and pretty.

    And I definitely want to transform my desk chair now.

  11. Very nice! I have been sewing this week too but you far outpace me. You are definitely set for Valentines Day :-)



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