Monday, February 28, 2011

Sometimes it pays to be a bag lady!

Don't know about you, but I had a great weekend!

Saturday, I went with Liz to Bloomington to take a class in Entrelac.  It is a very interesting thing to do.  Quite frankly, I was a tad bit intimidated before, but it is not so scary now.  We started making a scarf.  I chose Noro Silk Garden in colorway 252.  Can't wait to try my hand at a larger project in the future.

Before class, we stopped in a great little shop/deli in the same shopping center and enjoyed a wonderful sandwich after scoping out some treats to take home.  (Cannot resist Hanuta when I have a chance to get it!)

Sunday, after trekking to Bass Pro Shop (more about that later), I attended the "Yarn Tasting" at Cottage Knits.  What a great evening filled with wine, snacks, games, good friends, new friends, YARN, and more YARN!  I seriously need to consider a yarn diet (not).

We were divided into different rooms and seated at dining tables.  As an icebreaker, Cathi had plates of yarn on the table.  Our task was to accurately identify each yarn.  We got them all right, which prompted Cathi to suggest that perhaps we buy a lot of yarn.  Guilty!

The second game was a little along the lines of "Let's Make a Deal."  We got points for having our knitting bag with us (um, do I EVER go anywhere without it?) and then she proceeded to ask for different items...awarding points to each person that had the item on the list.  I WON!!!  So there children of mine that make fun of me for carrying around so much crap vitally important stuff with me all the time.  My prize was this gorgeous skein of Ischia Silk in colorway 4003.

The take-away goody bag for all in attendance is shown below.  A cute little handmade project bag, a strawberry stitch marker, a small ball of yarn (all were different as were the project bags), a pack of pocket tissues and a pattern to make a "sweater" for the tissue packs.  Thanks Cathi, Julie, Jackie, and Nyra for a wonderful evening!


  1. Sounds like the yarn tasting was a lot of fun. I'd forgotten about it. Also the scarf is really pretty.

  2. Had a great time on Saturday with you, Dina! We'll have to do that again this month with a new class....if there is one we are interested in taking! :)

    Looks like the yarn tasting was fun, glad you had a good time!



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