Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why do I keep doing this?


Every time I turn around, I am picking out a pattern with lace.

I HATE knitting lace.

Something to do with the vital importance of reading and following the directions completely.

Yet, I keep doing it.  

I started a lace curtain for the laundry/craft room nearly a year ago.  Decided I did not like the pattern and switched sometime around the end of the year to this curtain.  

Sounds good enough.  HA!  Picked it up again last week.  


Why is it that I start out with the correct number of stitches, lose a few somewhere along the way, add in a whole bunch more, but then still wind up with less than I started with even though there is an ungodly number of yarn overs???

Originally, there was going to be a 15inch tall piece for the bottom portion of the window, and a 6 inch piece for the top.  After much thought, cussing, lamenting, counting, adding, subtracting, cussing some more, good natured ridicule from my peeps, and more cussing my ideas have morphed.  Why would I want something covering the bottom portion of the window?  It would block my view out across the back porch to the lake AND would irritate the cats to no end forcing them to spontaneously shed mass quantities of fur on it, which in turn would make me twitch.

So, here it is one full section of the lace pattern.  Going to do one more repeat, add the rod hem edge and call it a day (well, eventually, when it is really done).   Now, should anyone actually look close enough to find the mistake(s), I will gleefully poke their eyes out proclaim, that it was done on purpose and quickly change the topic!

The Montparnasse is coming along nicely.  Except for that whole part where I put it down in the middle of right side decreases, lost my place, thought I had it figured out, read the pattern wrong, and had to frog the entire right side and start over.  Do you sense a trend here??

Okay, so there are like 10,000+ people doing the February Lady Sweater so why shouldn't I join in on the fun?  Because, ya know I-HATE-LACE, but what the heck...

Sophie, as she sits stuffed into a most small basket, doesn't really care what is going on.

It has now been a week and a half since I last spoke with my oldest son (he is at Basic Training).  This is a very busy time for him and I know that he has limited time and is exhausted.  No letters have been received by either his dad or myself.  Loads of notes are going out to him and hopefully, soon, the floodgates will open and the letters will start coming in.  Fortunately, I have the support of others in his platoon by way of a Facebook page.  It helps to talk to them and support one another.  In the meantime, I keep finding myself listening to the old voicemails he left that are still on my phone.  

Dark circle/teary eyed Mama and her baby...

Lots of projects being worked on (hopefully no more lace, or at least lace done right) at Tami's.  Stop by, visit, and spread the love.


  1. Sometimes knitting is relaxing and sometimes it's just exhausting, isn't it? I bet both projects will turn out fine in the end. Hang in there!

  2. I love how you start out saying you hate lace, and then pretty much all is lace you share. :) All your projects are turning out amazing, so definitely keep prodding through.

    I think there was someone else in WIPW who just started the February sweater!

  3. Ooh, sorry about the lace struggles. And, you should be over the moon proud of your son. Hope you get to hear from him soon!

  4. you keep picking up lace cause it's pretty. Kinda like how I keep droolng over crochet projects. i loe the look of em. I've even tried a couple. FAIL. and yet I am currently thinking "when I finish knitting this scarf, maybe I should try that crocheted shawl pattern again"

  5. I keep doing the same thing with my lace....but I still love knitting it! On another note, I know it can be tough having a loved one in the military. Basic training is tough because they have no time to sleep and they are so exhausted! If you ever need someone to talk to just shoot me an e-mail!



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