Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can you guess?

Can you, can you, can you?

Besides spending Saturday driving to St. Louis, stopping at a predetermined exit, picking up a kiddo, turning around and driving back home (about 9 1/2ish hours total), guess what I am going to do this weekend?

Here's a hint, but ignore the goat cheese pizza behind it which, while insanely delicious, has nothing to do with my plans...

BTW, wore the ruffle coat today and Wes praised its beauty saying it is the prettiest thing I've made so far.  Then again, he says that about everything I make!   Hmmm, wonder what that means.


  1. It means he is a prince among men! Once he finds a good answer like that, why change?

  2. Ok, this is weird. I just spent the past 15 minutes looking through your blog. I think you might be me...only nicer, and cuter. I saw the post about your husbands fishing stuff. It looked just like my post. Are we the same person? I used to live in Kokomo. Where are you? It's totally okay to tell me because I'm not a stalker. I am a follower now though!

  3. Yeah, Holly, I agree...sorta deja vu all over again! I am an Indiana transplant, having been born and raised in NW Arkansas (wooo pig sooooie! Razorbacks...that was totally unnecessary as I don't really give a hoot about sports!) Currently live in Columbus. Durn its purty here. A lot like my AR.

  4. I think I'll eat the pizza. Drain cleaning is, erm, much less sexy!



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