Friday, March 4, 2011

The case of the boat and a missing coat...

Why does this stuff pop into my head?

Typed that and started thinking about The Maltese Falcon.  Read it years ago and saw the movie as well.  Must be the magazine I was looking at the other night and reading the article about "vintage" style hair do's.  

Which reminds me it is time for Hair Did Day.  Supposed to have gone on Wednesday, but life happened and had to cancel the appointment.  <well, actually what happened was I chose to cancel so I could furiously work on the Boat Blanket>

My Dearest left this morning with 400 rods, 2000 reels, 12 dozen boxes filled with lures and 2 cases of line.  Really, I swear. 

Not to mention that he took off with my batter box, the fish seasoning, and the deep fryer.  Woe is me.  Not that I was planning on having an Epic/Katy Bar the Door/Humongo Fish Fry this upcoming week, but I get a little anxious being separated from my kitchen stuff for any length of time.  What if in the middle of the night I HAVE to have something deep fried or I will DIE (stop snickering that it will happen if I eat to much fried stuff anyway!) 

It's going to be a long week.  :( 

Finished the Toy Boat Blanket last night around midnight and promptly set to pseudo-blocking it.  This morning it was gifted and was well received!  Yay!

The Easy Ruffle Coat is still on needles...1x1 rib is only slightly less boring than stockinette.

My favorite long black sweatercoat and black t-shirt have been AWOL since my trip to Little Rock.  Kept trying to convince myself that they were hiding somewhere in my suitcase, but alas, no.  

Know what that means?

Should I?

Why not?

Maybe, because there are already at least six other sweaters on needles and in my mental queue.  Plan

I wonder what mystery objects have morphed into Fantastic Friday Finished Objects.  Tune in to Tami's to find out!


  1. The boat blanket is beautiful. You should be really proud of it. It's awesome to hear it was so well received.

  2. Such a cute blanket. All that stockinette stitch was worth it!

  3. I bet you're relieved to have the toy boat blanket done. It will be a keepsake for that little boy's family. Sorry to hear about your missing clothes, even more so if you made the sweater coat.

  4. Glad the blanket turned out so well. Just think of all the good craft time you'll have while hubby's away...

    Geesssssss that sounds like a ton of supplies he took with him.




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