Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cutting up

How many pattern or idea books do you have?

How many times do you try to use them and get frustrated because the book won't stay open?

During a class I recently took, the instructor mentioned that she has her pattern books re-bound with a coil binder.  

ATTENTION:  Dear Publishers, please take note of this and make our lives a little easier.  It is not that difficult of a thing to do.  We would gladly (okay I would, for sure) pay a teensy bit more to have a book that was easy to open and work from.  

Until then, it only costs a couple of dollars to take the book to a large office supply store or other printing business and have them whack off the unyielding stiff edge and put in a nice user friendly coil.  

Well worth it in my book! (sorry)


  1. That's a brilliant idea Dina! I have one of those machines at work, never even thought about it before. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Dina, I can't wait to start doing up all the books I have collected this past year. It's going to make things SO much easier to deal with when it comes to doing a pattern out of a book! No more doing photocopy sheets so I don't have to fuss with a book! :)

    I was so glad our teacher told us about this!

  3. Cool idea. I usually just copy the pattern I am working on because I mark it all up while I am working.



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