Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feels like my boat is capsizing...

Jack Sparrow, where are you when I need you?

I am soooo close to being done with the Toy Boat blanket.  Only about 70 more rows to go.  Made the mistake of calculating how many stitches are in this thing.  

Are you sitting down?

Well OVER 30,000.  Yeah, I know some sweaters or blankets have loads more.  But in the context of this being for a teeny baby and I have never really bothered to do the math...

It's no wonder my fingers are getting tired.

The "Easy Ruffle Coat" aka 1/1 rib with gazillion stitch pick ups and increases is stuck.  It got shoved into the bottom of my bag, the needles sorta pulled out (don't even start the point protector lecture) and there is a dropped stitch somewhere in the mess.  On the bright side, think there is only about 12 more inches until  beginning the marathon increases.

Everything else on assured it is all safe and sound and smushed in my bag waiting to be attended to sometime in the (hopefully) near future.  

Now, before there is a mutiny on the Toy Boat, check out the smooth sailing of WIP's at Tami's.


  1. wow that blanket is going to be epic - you must feel a little proud to have done so many stithces!!! xxx

  2. Popped over WIPW, love the sailboat blanket, but had to laugh when you said you made the mistake of counting stitches. I recently did that with a large over sized adult ghan when it was in the works. The number was stagering. I even took time to figure out how many stitches were in one 7 inch circle in a square granny which was a part of it, multiplied it by the number of squares that would be part of the trim etc. It was staggering. I then lost my note. Passed on the ghan to it's owner without recounting. lol

    Good luck getting your WIP into the FO list.


  3. Total sanity saver to have one project closing in on the finish line when the other one craps out. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything... If it's any consolation, that coat is going to be gorgeous when it's done!

  4. Holy smokes, that's a lot of stitches! I try not to count stitches on any of my projects so I can keep my sanity.

    I agree with Paula, the coat is going to be amazing, even if it's annoying now. LOL

  5. WOW that is a lot of stitches. Looks like it is worth every one of them though. I love it.

  6. I haven't seen Cherub Aran before - it looks like it has a little shine to it. Very nice! I hope you can keep your sanity intact until you get to the finish line.

  7. The blanket is adorable, but oh boy! 30,000 stitches? That's why I try to avoid math in knitting. Otherwise I wouldn't finish anything. Good luck on picking up that dropped stitch.

  8. What a lot of work! And that you have a second WIP too, wow!

  9. The title of your post cracked me up! ooomph, 30,000! It will be worth it though. It's so cute!

  10. Oh don't count stitches ever. At least, not until you're done. THEN you count stitches and brag about it to everyone who will (or won't) listen. The blanket is brilliant. Very boyish very worthwhile.

  11. Lovin the blanket - but would ever want to know how many stitches!



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