Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Froggy went a courtin', and he did ride

uh huh!

You can tell Spring is here, the frogs have been singin' up a storm.  

Wesley requested that we have a fish fry for dinner tonight, and for some reason, I have been humming that song all day.  It conjures up thoughts of being outside, fishing and seems summery to me.  This song also sends me back to Westwood Elementary and sitting in music class with Mrs. Lawler.  Thoughts of Mrs. Lawler then shift to Mrs. Chambers that took over when she retired and Mrs. Chambers leads me to thoughts of the 6th grade musical presentation and someone being cast in the role of Daisy (maybe me, but will deny it unless you provide the photographic evidence which I hope can only be found at my parents' house!), standing on stage in some ridiculous Gibson-girly type dress and twirling an umbrella while Michael Baker sang Daisy Bell to me.  

Where was I?  Oh yeah, fish...

So, fish fry it is.  And what goes better with fish than cole slaw and cornbread (not a big fan of hushpuppies so cornbread is the winner around here).

There is cole slaw, and then there is COLE SLAW.  The best tasting, lip smackingly wonderful recipe for cole slaw was taught to me by my Granny Grammer.  There is only one way to make it and you can only mix the dressing in a coffee cup and you can only measure ingredients with a soup spoon.  Failing to meet these requirements will disassociate me from any lack of success.  I am sure (if you insist) that measurements and mixing can be done in other ways, but this is how Granny did it and how she taught me, so it is the Gospel of Cole Slaw. 

First, you have to chop up the cabbage.  Granny (and me) used a chopping tool that resembles an oversized knifey biscuit cutter looking thingy--also used for chopping strawberries at Granny's and here, too.  No carrots, no red cabbage, just plain old green cabbage.  

Glop about 4 spoons of mayo into the coffee cup.

Add 3 or 4 spoons of sugar (okay okay you caught me, I was too lazy to turn around and get another spoon from the drawer, so I winged it!)

Give it a little stir.

Add a couple of spoon splashes of white vinegar.

Stir it up and taste test it with your pinky.  Other fingers may be used, but that's not how Granny did it.  Slowly drizzle over the cabbage.

Stir it up and gobble it down.  For a wonderful taste sensation, put the slaw on top of your fish and eat them together.  

For the cornbread, love me some locally ground corn meal.  This came from Metamora.  Canal Days in Metamora is loads of fun, and also the place where my darlin' likes to buy me jewelry from a silver craftsman.

Blue Gill and Crappie caught by Wes in our lake, fried up to perfection and mounded up on a platter.  Come and get it!

Happy Spring!


  1. Um,Um! I think I'll make some of Granny's coleslaw this this week! Love you, sis!

  2. Oh, Martha....you make me SO hungry!

    Also, I LOVE that song! Have you ever seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon called Uncle Pecos? Look it up on youtube soon, you'll get a good laugh! It's one of my all time faves!

    1. Love the Tom and Jerry cartoon, it's a wonder Tom has an whiskers left !!!

  3. That fish looks wonderful and your tulips are gorgeous.



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