Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm off.  (stop saying "duh! tell us something we don't know!)

It is the time of year when the many strange folks...time change occurs.  Does not bother me.  I am NOT a morning person.  Much prefer staying up all night.  Many is the night when I just can't sleep, so I stay up all night.  Fortunately for my husband that does not happen all that often, because it is usually during these manic insomniac nights that I get the uncontrollable urge to rearrange all the kitchen cabinets/drawers and pantry RIGHT NOW because they surely can be arranged better.  Guess that explains why he says he can never find anything in the kitchen.  So, when Daylight Savings Time arrives I am thrilled to have more daylight hours later and later. 

My only complaint about the change is my own fault.  It takes me several days to get around to changing all the clocks through the house and at the shop.  As a result of this blatant laziness, I have been in a state of time confusion.  

Clue number 2 is a dead giveaway for my weekend plans...  If you hear an explosion or get a sense of intense heat you will know that I did not follow the mantra of "snow falls on the water".

What's on the needles?  Hmmm, which set of needles and in which bag or drawer or cabinet?  The project currently receiving my multi-directional divided attention is this:

The pattern is Ruffles Cardigan from the January 2011 issue of Creative Knitting.   I initially wanted to make it for an event I was attending in February, but well, I might have gotten distracted.  Then, one afternoon, I was shopping at Kohl's and saw this sweater and thought "hey, I could make that!"  Never mind that it would be faster and cheaper to just buy the silly thing, but not nearly as much fun.  Then, I went on a search for a similar pattern.  This looked like a pretty close match, but I got a headache reading the directions and decided that, ya know horizontal ruffles are probably not such a great idea for me.  After all this messing around, I came back to my first choice, but instead of the original idea of red it is being knit up in Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima colorway 3752.  Have chosen to deviate slightly and do the whole thing in this with only needle size changes.  The color is almost a dead on match to my original inspiration, and let's face it...more vertically placed ruffles will be sooooo much better for everyone involved!

Clearly, I have ruffles on the brain as this is now the second ruffly thing in a row.

There is something hiding out in my laundry/craft room.  Shhhhhh, it is taking a nap after having a bath and won't come out to play until Friday.

The folks at Tami's  are more "timely" with their posts and would be thrilled if you would give them the "time of day" to check out what they are up to. 

As for me, it is still early, there is laundry to be done, lists to be made (numero uno is give Jack...aka the dog that for some unknown reason has smelled like Doritos for the last few weeks and is sabotaging my ability to resist evening snacks...a bath PRONTO) and I think I see a drawer that is begging for some upkeep.

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  1. I'm one that also LOVES Daylight Savings Time. It's amazing to almost gain hours (or at least it feels like it, doesn't it?). I used to be like you, staying up late and when I was in art school, I wouldn't even start painting/drawing until around 10pm or 11pm. For some reason, I did my best work when everyone else in the area was sleeping and the house was still. It felt almost like I was on a different planet. Sometimes I miss those times. Now, if I'm up past midnight-1am, it's a miracle.

    I can't wait to see more of the ruffles project. Your stitches look PERFECT.



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