Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That's just peachy...

or coral, whatever you want to call it.

The second Ruffle Cardigan (scroll to the top of the linked page to see a pic of the sweater) of the season is moving along nicely.  With any luck, the sleeves will be done and the ruffles started by Friday.  Not gonna hold my breath that it will be done done by then, that would be tempting fate.  It has really grown in the last week!

In other needle news, I am back in sewing mode.  My fascination with funky designs and patterns is carrying over into this arena.  Wes likes this fabric also, but said that it sorta makes him think that maybe the Partridge Family bus ran into the Brady Bunch station wagon.  He may be right, but I don't care!

It is a great voile-type fabric and is destined to become a loose drawstring waist tunic.  Great for wearing with a skinny tank top over linen capris.

Remember the tulips from yesterday?

Well, Bella thinks the vase is a salad bar, so off I go to clean up the sneeze guard (tablecloth).  

The WIPs at Tami's are nothing to sneeze at, so I'll "leaf" you alone to visually graze. 


  1. The coral, I think color is fabulous, and it's a color that looks good on most people. Anxious to see this sweater done. You're making good headway.

    LOL, I'm old enough my flower child phase happened long ago....before The Brady Bunch. Enjoy your sewing project.

  2. ep, that coral color is super :-)

  3. Hi there! Here via Tami's WIPW. Looking forward to seeing the ruffled cardigan.

    Glad to find someone else into sewing. I'm just getting back into it myself so am interested to see what others are up to with their sewing. Enjoy your fun fabric!

  4. Ouch, those are some epic bad puns. Well done, you! The sweater is growing at an alarming rate, can't wait to see how it all comes together! And thanks for sharing your sewing. Eventually all the cool sewing projects will convince me to give it a go!

  5. Very punny, Dina :-) Wes is pretty funny, too. I can't wait to see the tunic, it will be great. New clothes for the new season!

  6. Wow, the sweater has grown! It looks great so far. I love the color! I always love to see the sewing projects as I am pretty new and inexperienced with sewing. It makes me want to sit down at my machine and make something. :)

    Funny enough, we have flowers on the dining room table right now and Roxy (one of my cats) thinks it's a salad bar as well. I'm not sure why. We usually have some kind of flower up there, but this kind she can't resist (I'm actually not really sure what kind of flowers they are).

  7. I am totally tripping on that fabric. Need to go light some incense!

  8. ooo lovely material!! I'd love a top or anice dress in that!!

  9. I love the color for the sweater. The fabric will make a great tunic! Anyways, retro is totally in right now...tell him that!

  10. Totally loving that fabric. The colors are so groovy!

  11. Love the color of your sweater.

    I believe my mom might have had a dress in a similar fabric back in the 70's.



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