Monday, March 7, 2011


Just a few random thoughts/musings...

1.  Cars run better after they have been washed and interior cleaned (preferably by someone else) makes them feel pretty...the automotive version of a mani/pedi or hair-did.

2.  Cars run better for the first five minutes after having their tanks filled.

3.  Water, tea, coffee or basically any zero calorie beverage really can offset any "other" caloric intake.  

4.  The length of time the dryer takes to finish a load of towels is increased proportionately by the number of people that are complaining about needing something that is still wet and in the washer.

5.  The amount of mud Jack will roll in will increase according to how tired I am or how clean the floor is. 

6.  The speed at which you try to finish knitting a row is related to how much yarn is left.  (Duh...if you knit faster when you are about at the end of a skein, you might actually be able to beat the end of the yarn to the end of the row)

7.  The stuffier your nose is, the more cats will want to sleep on your face or head at night.

8.  The number of school group projects that I financially back either in full or by hefty donation is directly related to a certain son's ability to sweet talk his mom.  Darn it, he got me AGAIN!!!

9.  The number of "houseworky" things that absolutely HAVE to be done right now is directly related to the running schedule that says I should be on the treadmill instead of the computer.

10.  The desire/need to play in the dirt, planting and gardening will increase exponentially during rainy late winter/early spring days that hint at what is to come, but mud interference is a cruel joke (see also #5).

1 comment:

  1. #4 and #6 are truisms for me as well! I have spent the past year helping Teen Daughter understand that it is not possible, even with my Maternal Magic Skills, to wash and dry a load of clothes in ten minutes -- no matter how badly you want to wear those jeans.



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