Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under the influence...

Of heavy duty cold/allergy meds and incapable of anything more than sitting, sneezing, nose blowing and being pitiful. Yep, that has been my day in a nutshell.

Sat at the shop all day and managed to, well, sit at the shop all day complete with falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Sad to report that not even the comfort food of all comfort foods (Mac n cheese the way my Granny made it) did nothing for the situation...might have been the lack of the other part of the comfort food dynamic duo...sliced peaches in heavy syrup.

Amos demonstrated how much he loves his Meowmy by taking pity on me and turning himself into the "feline heating pad".

Knitting report? Pointy sticks while sneezing? HA! Sewing report? Sharp electrically powered needles with swollen, red and raw eyeballs? Yeah, right! Anything else? I can safely report that I completed the "make sure the corner of the couch doesn't feel neglected project" went off without a hitch.

And now, as the night-time version of nasty tasting stuff kicks in, I'm off to the sleeping porch where hopefully the night sounds will lull me into an antihistamine induced slumber!


  1. I am so sorry you feel so bad. I can't believe the mac and cheese didn't fix you right up. If that didn't work then it's probably the plague.

  2. Hello. I have been enjoying your blog for a week or two. Sorry you don't feel well. Sleep, sleep, sleep. That's about all you can do to feel better.

  3. You poor baby. The yarn and fabric will wait until you're feeling better, I promise. They are not likely to get better offers in the meantime.

  4. Sorry you are feeling so pitiful....hope you find some relief.



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