Friday, April 8, 2011

Be glad...

you don't have Smell-a-vision!  It's a quiet Friday morning on the workfront.  Wes has gone fishing for the day and the guys are taking some time off, but I am at the shop knitting, surfing, goofing off working my fingers to the bone catching up on paperwork.  Ahh, the joys of being your own boss!  Jack came with me today.  He loves to come up here and, ya know, it's always good to have a watch dog around when you are here alone.  Wait, did I just imply that Jack would actually "watch" or "protect" me?  He does a great job of keeping my feet warm, and let's just say it's a good thing I still can't smell much of anything!

It's not exactly a finished object, so to speak, but the yarn from the Garter Stitch Sweater is almost totally dry.  Some skeins are, so I have started swatching what it is to be reincarnated as (hint hint...can you tell from the pic what it said it wants to be?)  Before I go further with this project, need to clarify a point...I made this sweater over 2 years ago, so no, I did not just recently knit it up and change my mind. 

Over the weekend, there was some sort of ball-based event that loads of people had their panties in a wad about, so I excused myself to my craft room for some sewing time.  The Partridge Family/Brady Bunch Bus/Station Wagon tunic got finished.  Forgot to make note of the pattern, but do know it was Butterick.  Instead of elastic at the waist, I made a casing, put in tiny buttonholes, and made a drawstring from the fabric.  It is cool, comfy, and funky-fun!

The Ruffles Cardigan is off needles and ends all woven in.  Now all she needs is to be spritzed and blocked, buttons put on, and the ruffles tacked down just a bit more.  Sorry about the crappy pics, but it is raining so no good light in the front of the shop, and my office has no windows!

Made a medium using Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima for the whole garment (the pattern calls for 2 different weights)  I used Sizes 6 and 7 needles.  After getting over half the button band on and discovering I was no longer in Twisted Rib Pattern, ripped it out and re-did it 3 times before discovering there was an error in the written pattern!

As Spring keeps teasing us, I spent some time last weekend straightening and cleaning up the back porch.  Finally got around to stuffing the log cabin pillows.  So far, the "social experiment" has been going well,  neither Wes nor I have missed the microwave.  For that matter, don't think anyone else has either.  The next step would definitely  create a murderous mutiny, and don't think I am up for that!  As we are still at the "DC" (during children) stage, the cable tv access will stay, but as soon as we officially reach the "AC" (after children) stage of life, we both plan to eliminate the brain cell sucker and focus more on the big screen that can be seen reflected in the windows below.

Have a great weekend and make the most of it!

But, before you go off the grid, visit Tami's to see what other fiber frolics are being wrapped up.


  1. WOW, that is VERY Partridge family and I love it. The cardigan looks great and can't wait to see it blocked and with buttons. Please share it again when you finish that part!

    I'm jealous of the view I can see in your windows! I think it's amazing that you got rid of your microwave. I don't think I'm that brave.

  2. I really love that top, and I love that view even more. Your puppy is adorable!

    I could never get rid of my microwave, either!

  3. ooo the ruffles cardigan is a lovely colour....and I have to say your dog is sooooo cute ;-)

  4. The tunic is fabulous! You are definitely speedier than I am to have another knitted cardigan done so soon -- it looks great. The ruffles around the neck are just enough.

  5. Hey, warm feet are worth a lot! The fact that it is an adorable goggie is a bonus



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