Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

it's snot funny anymore!  Uncle...I am screaming UNCLE!!!

For close to two months now,  you have tormented me with the teasing pollen and other allergens of Spring.  The first couple of weeks, fine, I can handle this.  The next few weeks, bleccchhh, and now, would someone please teach me how to blow my eyes.  My nose has it figured out, but the eyes are not that bright.

Does food still have taste?  Don't ask me, I wouldn't know.  Is it possible to sleep without drooling because you can only catch some zzzz's as a mouth breather?

Please say that swollen, red, blood shot eyes that attempt to water themselves right outta my head when they are assaulted by contact lenses are the latest fashion trend.  After all, they match the red, drippy nose!

So, despite faithful medicating, nose blowing and sitting in an allergy stupor I am now waving the white Kleenex flag and have now resorted to begging....bloom and leaf out already!  After all, you can come back for a visit around Labor Day and field combining season...

Little Miss Snot Bucket

1 comment:

  1. Miss Snot Bucket, so sorry you feel crappy. Can't be fun. You can come out here to Phoenix, but the orange blossoms may get you.



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