Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Families are weird...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a great time...also celebrated Wes' birthday on the same day. We had discussed that he did not think his birthday had fallen on Easter that he could remember. A quick web search revealed that the last time it happened was in the 1800's (pretty sure he wasn't around then, but he IS older than me, so can't be totally sure. The next time it happens will be in 2095, and pretty sure he won't be around then either.

As the day went on, laughter echoed throughout the house. Every family gathering seems to generate silly things being said that get repeated from then on and everyone remembers the silliness of the original comment.

Growing up, my family had tons of little things that one of us said that would be repeated constantly. These "-isms" are a main staple of family memories.

Here are just a sampling of old time family-isms, thrown in with a bunch of new ones:

"Don't blow in my ear, you'll make me go blind!" From my Granny Grammer when my sister and I would blow in her ear when we were piled in her bed for a nap.

"I saw that star fart" My Great Grandfather was trying to say "I saw that fire start"

"I get all the butter"

"That's not nasty" (insert visual of a little girl holding up one finger at a time...)

"Looks like crap, but tastes good"

"Coffee does not go with strawberries" overheard after comments that the coffee being served with the dessert of strawberries tasted funny...later it was discovered that it is usually a good idea to take the power cord out of the percolator before making a pot and having to use the spare cord.

"That happens ALL the time...at least once a year"

"Where are we gonin? You're dropping your g's. Where???"

"Don't think I haven't had coffee!"

Embrace the silly things your family says. It is only a small part of memory making. With each repeating of the silliness, that history remains alive, fresh, and celebrates the uniqueness of your loved ones.


  1. My dad says all kinds of mad things! He cracks me up! Ah such a sweet post!



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