Thursday, April 14, 2011

This little piggy went to market...

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a field trip to Cincinnati and hang out with 3 other fabulous ladies.  Originally, I had planned on making stops at Ikea, Jungle Jim's and at least one knitting store.  

But then, I got sidetracked.  No!  That never happens!  

First stop, Findlay Market.  The flowers, the produce, the breads, the meats, the EVERYTHING!  Could have easily and happily spent the whole day there.

My view while standing at the counter waiting to get some metts and pepper bacon:  It is from this spot that the "Rodeo Princess Wave" may have been demonstrated to my friends standing around the corner. 

The place is packed and makes you feel like a fishy swimming upstream.

Just a couple of the outside produce booths...

A return trip or 40 are definitely in order.  On our way to find some fiber, snapped a pic of this interesting building. It was raining, so the raindrops created a neat effect, plus don't know what is going on with the exposure, but looks cool.

After a much deserved late lunch break, we made our way to Main Street Yarns in Mason, OH.  Found a great pattern for a longish cardigan to make for the Fall, buttons for the Ruffles Cardigan, and some sock yarn.  Cuz, ya know I just fly through making socks.  Stop laughing!  You know the rule:  See pretty sock yarn, buy pretty sock yarn.  

After a full day of fun, food, and fiber, this little piggy went WEEEE WEEEE WEEEEE all the way home!


  1. This was SUCH a fabulous day! If you look closely you can see the top of my head in the first picture just above the sales girl in the blue shirt! :)

    I'm SO excited about a return trip to the market....definitely taking plenty of money AND a cooler of my own that I will be packing full of luscious meats, cheeses and produce!

    The second yarn shop was a great find too!

    Thanks again for taking me with you, Dina! It was a blast! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a terrific time -- good for you!

    I love both yarn skeins - can't wait to see what you make with them.

  3. I love Findlay market too. If you get a chance to go back a bit later in the year, it's even more awesome because there are a lot more vendors I think.



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