Thursday, April 7, 2011

You've been warned...

This morning I woke up in a most foul mood.  Normally, slumbering on the sleeping porch results in nothing but sweet dreams...except for those nights when I can hear the coyote's howls getting closer and closer or there is a fox just outside the porch that has decided to bark incessantly (if you have ever heard a fox barking up close and personal like that you know what I mean).  

When the alarm went off, the first thought in my head was "well, that just stinks!"  I had been having a nightmare of know, the kind triggered by the thought of three kids approaching college, FAFSA migraines, 2 kids as juniors with:  no definite thoughts of anything past what to do for the weekend, no motivation to reeeeaaallly dig into ACT/SAT testing or explore scholarship options.  These thoughts ultimately led to well, I got them this far, it's time for them to put on their big boy pants and take more of an interest in what is ultimately THEIR life.  Can you say welcome to the world of student loans, work/study, and/or alternative choices?  I was blessed to have the grades to get scholarships that covered virtually all of my education, with the exception of a couple of summer school sessions and a few books.  At the end of undergraduate studies, I was faced with a year of nothing much to do until my internship would start, Grad School called.  My parents graciously offered to pay for grad school, but then I was offered and accepted a Teaching Assistant position through my program that paid all of my tuition plus paid me a relatively generous stipend.  My point in all of this is that higher education is a privilege, NOT a right.  I had a vested interest in my education, as it was my ability to get the grades and to actively seek out scholarship opportunities that ultimately funded the majority of my education.  My parents did not hold my hands through this.  It was my life, my choice, and my it should be.  'Nuff said, rant over...for now...

On a lighter note, words are lovely...they form phrases, create mental images and can confuse the heck out of you if you don't know what they mean.  This is how my brain works, it's scary lemme tell ya...  You know all those word verifications you sometimes have to do before posting something?  They really are not "actual words", but sometimes, they look like they could be.  Lately, I have become obsessed with them and have been compiling a list of some of my favorites.  So, lucky you, today, I will write you a passage using those will be interesting to see if you can even sort of translate what they mean in my head!

Here goes:

Lansorks I had an acknov dioncite!  My dear hubby was suati about my mood.  He asked wavoises is the mater and then took a stabu at guessing.  He dinjec guess so he predden to know.  Eledlu is a big deal to me, and I duakedn take it lightly!  After a little teapti and an arbowl of some sort of junhe for breakfast, I was in a more chifful mood.  

If you didn't think so before, now you know for brain works in mysterious ways!


  1. I'm kinda scared. I totally understood everything you just wrote. Gonna make me a big bowl of junhe for breakfast now that you mention it. Sounds good! One funny lady!

  2. Hahahahah! I got some of it, but not all. Dina, you just crack me up! :)

  3. that kind of bent my brain the wrong way :-P



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