Friday, May 6, 2011


and repeat and repeat and repeat over and over and over and over again!  Adding to the craziness of the season, one of our employees is on a short vacation.  When someone is gone, then someone (me) has to fill in on the shop floor.  We are in the midst of a very large run, and I got the lucky spot of being the catcher...pulling shirts off the dryer belt after they have been screen printed, and counting them into bundles of twelve, then boxing them up.  If you go too slow, or miscount, or take too long getting the next box ready to fill it quickly turns into that famous episode of I Love Lucy where she is working at a candy factory. 


This week has been a snowballing escapade of one thing after another.  Be that as it may, I did manage to finish a couple of projects.  

Although today I demonstrated the ability to count, at least to 12,  on Sunday I discovered a slight problem with the progress of the Ruched Yoke Tee.  Having been so intent on simply carving out knitting time and paying attention to the repeats and multiple repeats, I didn't notice that what was supposed to only be 15 1/4 inches from the underarm had somehow grown and grown and was approaching mini dress length <insert slapping hand on forehead and moaning at the prospect of ripping out>  This little bitty error (HA) was found when we were at the bowling alley with family.  Luckily I had a ball of yarn and a pattern book with me to start a cutie pie little pair of booties.  Cast on and did the first two rows EXACTLY as the pattern dictated.  It didn't work.  Rip/do over...still didn't come out with the right number of stitches, tried again and still no luck.  Sheepishly stuffed everything in my bag and pouted as everyone questioned if I really knew what I was doing!

Tuesday, while knitting with my fellow fiber fanatics, the Tee error got fixed and is finally blocked and off needles.  

(Sorry about the less than stellar picture quality you are about to view...someone that looks an awful lot like me <might have been, but I'm admitting nothing> accidentally flipped the "on" button on the camera when it got put in the car this morning and by the time I had a few minutes to commit the projects to a photographic legacy it was deeeaaaddd)

Guess I should try it on sometime...

The little bitty baby bootie of horrors pattern was shared on Tuesday and confirmation was made that I do know what I am doing, as there was an error in the pattern!  The pattern is "Baby's Wool-Tencel Booties" from Luxury One Skein Wonders.  Yarn used was some Duke Silk Yarn leftover from the Butterfly Pullover.

Be still my heart!  They are soooo stinkin' cute and soft and cuddly-wuddly...

That's all she wrote for this FOF.  You know you can always "count" on me to share my latest foibles!

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P.S.  Amos update...his boo boos are healing nicely and he has learned that when I sweet talk him now he's gonna get a dropper of icky liquid shoved in his mouth.  Sophie on the other hand is still being a grumpy butt and all I can think of around her is "Simma down now"


  1. Ha! That is one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes. Your Ruched Yoke Tee is so pretty! I might have to cast on for this pattern soon. It's perfect for spring/summer.

  2. All cute stuff. Those booties are precious!!

  3. I love love love that top! That has to be one of the best I Love Lucy episodes. :)

  4. The ruched tee is gorgeous!

    I love the One Skein Wonder books but wish they'd increased the quality control -- way too many errors in them.



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