Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready for a rainbow...

Wow!  It has been one wild week.  The storms have been wreaking havoc all through the area.  We have been very fortunate to not have any damage and the biggest inconvenience has been roads closed and <gasp> struggling to function without internet access.  The cable being out, thus knocking out the TV did not bother me, since I am a fan of the archaic practice of holding and reading an actual book, but I must admit, I felt a little bit lost without my internet.  Others have not been so fortunate with the impacts of these storms.  My heart goes out to all who have experienced tragedy during this weather phenomenon.  

Here's a peak into the events of this past week:

Monday, some pretty intense storms and high winds swept through the area.  During our drive home from work, we were stuck on the interstate for close to an hour due to a semi-truck that had been blown over onto its side from the wind.  As we approached the last turn to get home, friends were texting me to ask if we had any damage at the house and if we had power.  Well, we soon came to a standstill again, as the road leading to our last turn in front of the dam was closed because of storm damage.  From the looks of things and the amount of debris, it appeared as if the tail of a funnel may have dropped down.  The next day when I was able to travel down this road, this is what could be seen.  Keep in mind that this is only one of the many trees that fell victim to this same event:

Tuesday, the day was spent enjoying the fellowship of friends, fiber, and soapmaking.  A bunch of friends came out to the house and we spent the day eating, laughing, knitting and making soap.  

Green Tea Lemongrass with Lavender, Sugar, and Green Tea Leaves:

The ever popular Chocolate Mint:

Coffee Vanilla Cream with Caramel Swirls and Coffee Grounds:

Goat Milk Citrus Herb (Basil, Lime, Orange, and Rosemary):

Jasmine with Poppy Seeds:

Orange Clove with Turmeric:

Last night, well last night was a doozy.  More storms, more winds, more tornadoes, more hail, more power outages, more cable/internet loss.  By the time we got home, there were some pretty horrible storms looming.  Most normal people would take cover in the face of tornado warnings.  Which, of course, meant that we headed out to the back porch to watch the weather show.  Lemme tell ya, it did not disappoint.  As we had no internet or cable, my in-laws were keeping us up to date by cell phone regarding what was showing up on radar (yeah we could have turned the radio on, but sorta forgot about it).  We knew that the storms bearing down were full of tornado activity.  The hail started out small, then quickly increased to golfball and larger sizes.  It looked like cannonballs landing in the lake.  At one point, we were informed that a funnel was reportedly on the ground fairly near us, but the truly odd thing was that it was apparent we were in the eye of the storm.  Suddenly, the sky above us cleared, sun rays shone through while all around we were encircled in the black swirling mass of nasty storms.  Sitting on the porch offered a unique view of literally watching the storm come across the lake:

Then running out the front door to watch it pass on over us.

With all of the weather related loss the country has endured, don't forget to hold your loved ones close while still reaching out to help those affected.


  1. I am just so thankful that you are alright. I remember the tornados well. It's been 30 yers since I'v lived in Indiana but I will never forget. Please be safe.

  2. So glad that you didn't get hit by what came through, it was WICKED WILD!

    We finally have power back on at our house. 36 hours without makes for a nice mess in the fridge to clean up. Perfect excuse to clean it out from top to bottom! At least I was able to save my freezer contents at my parents' house.

    Love the soaps! Can't wait to come out tomorrow and see the ones we made on Tuesday evening!...well, that you made since I had to leave and get the kids! Thanks Dina!



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