Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Sophie's a pain in the b**t!"

If Amos could speak, I am quite certain that is what he would say.  The rest of the dialogue directed at Miss Sophie might go something like this:

"Thanks a lot for having the brilliant idea of pushing the porch screen door open and leading the rest of us out into the great outdoors.  You said nothing would happen, that it was our yard and all other animals knew better than to enter our domain.  Yeah, I know we live inside that house and the ONLY time we get out usually involves YOU! But you promised..."

"Because of you, this afternoon, I got stuffed into this plastic boxy thing and put in this big loud thing that moves.  Because of you, when I came out of that boxy thing, I was on a cold metal table.  Because of you, this man squirted cold stuff all over the base of my tail.  Because of you, that same man poked me with something really really sharp!"

"Because of you, I got stuffed back into the boxy thing and back into that other thing.  Because of you, my hiney hurts!!!"

Recently, all the cats were out on the back porch for the evening.  Sophie, instigator that she is, shoved the screen door open and they all escaped into the backyard.  Once in a while, Sophie or Bella escape, but they hide under the porch until they feel the adventure is over.  This time, they were all out over night.  As we lay in bed on the sleeping porch, we could hear what was very likely a cat fight.  Over the last few days, Amos has been licking at the base of his tail, to the point that there were visible, nasty looking wounds.  After trying to treat them myself, I gave up and took the poor boy in to the vet.  Dr. B confirmed that Amos had been bitten.  He scolded Amos for trying to poke his tail into another animal's mouth.  The bite is beginning to abscess.  After irrigating the wounds, my kitty-boy got a shot and sent home on antibiotics.

Poor thing...


  1. Oh my goodness! What a bad kitty to let all the other out! Poor Amos! :( Glad it's nothing worse and that all cats are safe at home!

    And your commentary of what Amos would say, Dina, is priceless!

  2. We're going through the same thing around here right now. Our cat has been going through the doggie door and all that's changing as of this morning. No one here is happy. I'm probably posting about it later today. Hope Amos feels better, those bites can be nasty!

  3. Monday, one of mine pushed the upstairs screen out and did a death-defying leap onto the awning, then the fence, then the ground. Then I had to walk up and down the alley shaking a can of cat treats to lure him to me. I felt like a floozy.



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