Sunday, June 12, 2011

And now we know...

The mystery has been solved.  

Nope, not pumpkin or squash or OJ, or soup, or applesauce or anything like that.

Thanks to a daring teenager, the results from tasting were, "it tastes like milk."

OH YEAH!, now I remember...

During the super soap making spectacle, I had reconstituted some condensed goat milk and only needed half of what was made.  Distinctly remember putting the baggy of milk in the freezer and thinking that I better label it or I will forget what it is.  Sadly, I forgot to remember so that I wouldn't forget, but at least now I have remembered what I forgot.

Thanks for everyone's help...and yes, it is now labeled. :)


  1. He is brave! Love your boys;) I have 3 too! Do I detect a set of twins? Mine are 4 and the youngest two are 2, twins of course. Hard to imagine them as teenagers but I'm sure it will come soon enough:(



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