Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fiber Festival Fiber Fondling Frenzy

Yesterday and today were the Hoosier Hills Fiber Arts Festival held in Franklin, IN.  Last year was my first year to attend and it was a little bit overwhelming.  So much fiber, so little time, and so little pre-planning!  Not so this time.

A couple of friends and I left early this morning.  Since we went last year, we thought ahead and went with projects in mind...and pertinent pattern particulars.  Remembering the vast quantities of spinning paraphernalia, I was ready to add some stash for my latest overwhelming obsession hobby.  The choices are mind boggling.  Fortunately, this is one type of event where touching and holding the merchandise is encouraged. 

My knitting yarn stash is pretty set (for now) so, I had my eyes on the lookout for some roving or top that I could not live without.  My choice of spinning wheel has been determined, but have to do a bit more penny pinching to give myself permission to make the purchase.  In the meantime, the spindle is going to get a workout. 

The pictures do not do the fibers justice.  It has been a little nutso busy around here and someone <me> forgot to charge the camera battery and, well, we all know the sad tale of phone pics.  

The bat shown below is actually more a combination of ochre, mauve, purple, pink, red and metallic gold fibers.  In real life it does NOT look like a pile of I don't know what...promise!

The second bat photographed a little bit better, but you still cannot fully appreciate the depth and variation of the greens, blues, purples and the silver fiber.  Both are shown folded in half, with each weighing in at 2.6 oz.

Both of the above bats came from the vendor Lunabudknits.  She has some seriously pretty stuff!

Next came some roving in pretty purples and grays (hmmm, there seems to be a trend here with the last I may be off my green kick!)  While you cannot tell much from these squishy bowling ball looking things, the sample of homespun made from this was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.  It came from the Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm vendor and each ball weighs in at 4 oz.  I got ten of them, so it is a safe bet that the spindle is gonna be spinning for quite some time...this could be good (or bad depending on how you look at it and the bank account) and cause me to bite the bullet and make that phone call to order my wheel. 

Thanks Jane and Liz for a great morning!  Can't wait until next year...hopefully this stuff will all be spun up and knitted up into something before then.  Stranger things have happened.


  1. Dina, I just love what you picked out! Can't wait to see it spun and then made into something luscious!

    It was so much fun today, so many wonderful things to be had! I could have spent WAY more than what I did, that's for sure! Thanks for having me along. This year's festival was just great!

  2. Sounds like a fun day with a lot of good finds. Enjoy your obsession, I mean hobby.

  3. Before long you will want to start your own farm ;-) Spinning is the greatest addiction you will ever have.



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