Monday, June 6, 2011

Going Home

I am at my childhood home for the next few days staying with my Daddy and helping him during his recovery from rotator cuff surgery.

Going home is always a special time...spending hours with Daddy and my sister and brother-in-law. The boys hang out with us as well.

This afternoon, the boys and I went out for a late lunch. When we returned to the house, I used all of my motherly guilt tactics to try to convince them that we needed to recreate one of my favorite pictures of them that my mother framed years ago. All three boys are up in the dogwood tree acting silly. It is such a perfect representation of how goofy they can be. Upon suggesting this recreation and photographic documentation, I was met with looks that can certainly scare a mommy into realizing that your men/boys think their mother is delusional and is convinced they are still itty bitty (sorta like the demented Easter bunny scene from "A Christmas Story")

Unfortunately, I cannot even insert a pic of my favorite pic because my technological savviness is lacking.

Daddy is recuperating nicely. He is officially off the pain meds and is getting a little cranky. Sorry, Daddy, but in my experience, you know men are getting better when they start getting a little cranky and women are getting better when they start putting their faces back on!

Maybe tomorrow I can figure out some photo affixing.

1 comment:

  1. Hope your dad continues to do well and the recovery time is quick. Enjoy your time "at home". Those silly boys, hope to see a picture soon!



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