Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm not gonna try it...YOU try it!

I have been gone for the last week and returning home is always interesting.  Wes has been fending for himself.  Before leaving, we went to the grocery store to stock up on some provisions for him for the week.  If we had not done this, his meals would have consisted of Nutty Bars, grilled cheese & soup, or Taco Bell.  Not exactly the best...

Late Thursday night when I got home, I was searching for a little snack before collapsing in bed.  Looked in the freezer and found a freezer bag that I could not remember what in the world it contains.  Now, I remember filling the bag and putting it in there thinking I would label it sooner rather than later.  The problem is, I have absolutely zero memory of what it is.  

I have poked it, smelled it, and stared at it.  But, gotta draw the line somewhere...I'm NOT gonna taste it...YOU taste it...

Anyone else have a clue?


  1. Did you make something with squash? Like a soup? Or it could be orange juice? What does it smell like?

  2. It looks like butternut squash soup! Or pureed mangoes.

  3. My most optimistic guess is homemade apple sauce, but something squash-y seems more likely :-)

    My mother still holds a grudge from when I, about 2 years old, unwrapped the labels from all the food cans in the cupboard. Apparently every dinner offered some surprises for quite some time.

  4. My immediate thought was pumpkin. We have bags that look like that in my freezer! Which makes me want to make some pumpkin pancakes soon...



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