Friday, June 24, 2011

My baby is here!

She arrived yesterday afternoon, weighing in at 15#.  Currently she is a blonde, but expect that to change over the weekend.  No pics yet as Mama wants to keep her to herself for a few days. Her name is Minerva.

Now on to what Friday is all about, the FO's.

Sad to report that I only have one for today.  Well, actually a pair if you want to be technical.

The Crazy Zauberball socks are done.  And they appear to live up to their name.  They were made with the intention of being comfy slouchy socks to throw on with a pair of worn-in jeans and slip into a pair of Birkies.  Mission accomplished.  Visibly, they don't appear matchy matchy, since, for a change, I did not go all OCD and fret about matching up the color variations.  Surprisingly, it is quite nice outside of THAT box!  

On another note, it is with great sadness that I report the impending demise of a couple of Formerly Reported FO's.  The Ruched Yoke Tee and the Ruffles Cardigan are both about to hit the "ripping" table.  Here is the lowdown on this sad tale...the Ruched Yoke Tee, while very very pretty, is very, very, itchy and although the body portion fits, the yoke slides right off my shoulders repeatedly.  Now, this would be fine if I was about 20-something years younger, but I don't think anyone really cares to see all that at this point in my life!  After, looking through Ravelry notes about this tee, I found others with the same problem.  The Ruffles Cardigan fits until I wear it for any length of time and then it grows to gargantuan proportions.  Pima Cotton...'nuff said.  Well, that and the whole conversation about how I need to stop making size medium out of yarns I know are gonna do that.  All this being said, do not mourn the loss of these two items, as that is one of the beauties of this it, soak it, and try something else.  Not so easy with something you sew (although it can be done).

Ya'll have a great weekend...I'm gonna play with my baby...but first hop over to Tami's to see what came of needles and is gonna stay off needles...


  1. Lucky, lucky you! I'm sure Minerva is lovely. Why do we do that? Name inanimate objects? I think all women do that. My husband thinks I'm weird, glad you are too.

  2. Oh, those socks look fantastic!! Personally, I like that they're not matchy -- but I'm not a matchy sort of person. ;)

    Have fun with your new baby! :D

  3. Is Minerva a spinning wheel? A baby alpaca? I'm confused!

  4. Ooh, congratulations on Minerva! I hope you and she will be very happy together and make many, many yards of amazing yarn. :D

    Love those socks, too, they're just the right kind of crazy!



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