Friday, June 3, 2011

She's saucy!!!

When Alex was little, he would say the funniest things.  We would go over to my parents' house for movie night.  My mother had, a few years earlier, discovered MTV. (let's not forget her slight obsession with David Lee Roth in spandex and the fact that when I moved back home during grad school, she could be heard coming down the street with the bass pumping and on more than one occasion I had to ask her to plleeeaaassse turn that music down so I could study).  Anyway, often upon our arrival, MTV would be on.  One time a comment was made, which led to frequent and seemingly never ending repetition of this comment made by a curly headed blonde chubby cheeked little boy, when watching a Gloria Estefan video in which she was wearing leather chaps..."She's saucy!"

Where am I going with this?

No, I have not resorted to drying pasta on the back porch staircase.  This is....MY yarn.  Below are the two skeins  of 2 ply from the first two cakes of yarn that I did on the spinning wheel.  There is enough to make a pair of slippers or short-ish socks.

These two skeins are the results from plying 2 strands from the cakes of yarn made with the drop spindle.  Don't mat or scarf?  Still toying around with plans for dying it also.

Socks..yes, socks again.  The best part is that one and a half of them was finished nearly a year and a half ago and then I got seriously sidetracked.  They are from a Flat Feet swatch.  Don't even remember what the pattern used was because Saturday after I finished the second sock, I promptly gave the pattern away.

I am happy to no longer be suffering from the dreaded Sock Syndrome that can befall knitters.

Happy FOF!  There are a bunch of really socksy people posting FOs at Tami's.


  1. A group of us from one of my knitting groups gathered a few months ago and had a dye party. It was so much fun bringing all of the yarns that we had intended to dye and sharing techniques and colors. That might be an idea for you.

  2. I am in awe of your yarn/pasta making skills. One of these days I will learn how to knit. My grandmother tried to teach me. When I got frustrated she told me, "Don't worry, every one can learn to knit." Then one day she came into the room and saw me with a huge mess on my lap and just said, "Well, you're so good at so many other things, I don't think this is your thing."

  3. Love your yarn!

    And the pattern is Ladder stitch, or something to that effect. :) Thanks for the pattern!

  4. The yarn is beautiful! If you dye it, what color are you think of? Also, LOVE the story. SAUCY!

  5. How satisfying to have your own yarn hanging out to dry, AND to have finished up a project that had been hanging around. Both the skeins and the socks look fabulous.

  6. Nice yarn! You have made dramatic progress with spinning to get such nice yarn so quickly. I absolutely love knitting my handspun, it makes me feel like a creative genius every time.

  7. Ha! I had a thing for David Lee Roth, too. Best not to remember it now. The handspun yarn is terrific. Great job on finishing that second sock.

  8. Thinking of dying it a deep chestnut color



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