Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocks, spin, knit, and eat cake

The problem with summer, for me, usually involves so many things that I want to do outside, that it is difficult to get a lot of things done inside.  

For the last few years, we have been working on a major remodel to the house.  The majority of projects in the new section are completed...only a few finishing touches...and then we will begin work on the older section.  Wes swears that he mentioned in the beginning that this would be a ten year process, but I have NO recollection of that conversation!  This summer, I have been devoting more time to working on the flower beds in the back of the house.  So far, (three times to date) I have climbed around the rocks at the rock place and loaded 500# at a time into my car, driven home and unloaded them multiple times into the wheel barrow, pushed it around back and unloaded each stone into place...which if you do the math, means I have lifted at least 400,000,000# working on this project (and that's not even counting the 1300+ # of haydite gravel plus the about 600# more needed to finish filling in).  Trust me, I double checked with a calculator...  To finish the beds will require at least one more trip to the rock place.  To start on the plant portion, ornamental grass and spireas have been put in.  Next year, I will add the next layer to the plantings, because, let's be honest, trying to plant anything else in this heat would be ridiculous!  Vinca will be added to provide ground cover that fills in quickly and begins to poke through the rocks, much like in the front beds.  Given time, which is the hardest part of gardening, they will begin to resemble this.

Inside the house, spinning has been moving along quite nicely...

And on the needles, the Ruffles Cardigan got ripped out and is slowly being reborn as Petrie.  And I do mean slowly since the only time for knitting is in the car!

And now for 2 of my favorite 3 WIP's... Happy Happy 17th Birthday to my baby boys...

Stop the clock, I can't believe they are 17!  Seems like yesterday...



  1. Aw, happy birthday to the boys :) Your petrie is looking lovely :)

  2. Love your house, love the yarn, love the wool and most of all love you! Happy birthday boys!

  3. Wow, the house looks fabulous! And very lovely spinning!

  4. Maybe you could adopt me? And I could hang out on your porch and learn how to spin? Just a thought...

  5. Happy birthday to your boys! All your photos look great!

  6. The house is outstanding! Happy Birthday Boys!

  7. Your home is beautiful. You must be getting is great shape moving all that rock! Your yarn is looking great too, and happy birthday to your boys.

  8. You are busy! The work on the house and gardens will just get more and more beautiful every year. And I just can take my eyes off that purple handspun - it's too scrumptious!

  9. Lovely home. Is that a mountain ridge in the background of the first picture?

  10. Happy Birthday to your "babies"!

    I love your house -- those porches are filling me with envy & longing. Our house we bought 13 years ago thinking it was a "fixer upper" -- and it's still a fixer upper today. Sigh. I hope someday it'll move from WIP to FO, at least for a few glorious moments before something else needs attention.

    Speaking of envy, you are spinning beautifully -- already! Such even singles. You & Minerva must be well suited :-)

  11. Wow, I am so impressed by how your remodel is looking! That third picture of the stairs is making me wish we had more space in the backyard to do something similar. All that rock hauling is totally worth ties in so well with the wood work. Happy birthday to your boys. Cool shades!

  12. Kudos to you and Wes for taking on such a big project. I'm green with envy. You are so right about Summer too - the inside takes a beating. I'm here from Kim's party and I'm a new follower. Hope you stop by for a visit sometime!

  13. The yard and flower beds look fantastic! You amaze me!

    The yarn is looking wonderful, can't wait to see it! And the new sweater you are working on looks like it's going to be gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday to the boys!

  14. Aww, a happy birthday to your boys!!!

    Can I move in? Your house is amazing/beautiful!!!!



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