Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sitting at the baseball game on Monday, I started thinking about all the different activities, behaviors, and other things that we do within our family.  We are building memories and hopefully establishing life traits/skills that our children will carry on in their lives.  

For the last several years, we have made it a tradition to attend the 4th of July Indians baseball game.  It is a lot of fun, we get to see the fireworks at the ball field followed by the downtown Indianapolis fireworks...all from the comfort of some awesome seats.  When I posted on my Facebook right after getting the tickets, one of my sons commented that he could not believe we were going to go WITHOUT them!  Seems this has become part of their family memories.  So, as we sat there, all the seemingly trivial things that we do started rushing in.

1.  Nearly every single Friday night we go out to dinner as a family.  It is a rarity to miss this activity.  It has become so ingrained that plans for teenagers sometimes hinge around doing this first...that or often the friends will just come along or they will all meet us at a restaurant. 

2.  I make birthday pancakes for my kids.  Early on, I learned that sticking a candle straight into the pancakes makes for a hot mess.  Now, pancakes are topped with a votive candle.  

3.  My husband, WITHOUT FAIL, opens the car door for me to get in and when getting out.  I never asked him to do this and when I have questioned him about whether he thinks I am not capable, he responds with something to the effect that it is the little things that add up and he enjoys doing something so simple that is still so representative of the love he has for me.  What we have noticed, is that certain teenagers have been watching over the years and now frequently race to beat him to it.  

These are only 3 of the multitude of things that have become family traditions.  Embrace them, encourage them, they are keepers!

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  1. You have wonderful traditions and I'm sure your kids will really treasure them. So, so important.



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