Friday, July 29, 2011

When does the slow summertime start?

It was just a joke wasn't it?

They tricked us.  Come on, it's summer.  Slow down and enjoy all that summer fun has to offer.  Kick back, relax, have a cool's summer.  The last time I looked at the calendar in any meaningful way was sometime back in April.  Remember that month?  The weather was cool, with teasingly gradually warmer days.  A little rain, a little sun, NO humidity?  The "summer" loomed ahead with promises of sitting on the porch, floating in the cove, sipping iced tea, doing pretty much nothing.  Well, it is nearly August, and I can proudly report that I have been sipping iced tea! (not that great of an accomplishment seeing as that is my beverage of choice 24/7)

My "mojo" is somewhere outside playing hide and seek.  It is winning.  Help! My mojo has fallen and it can't get up!  Not sure what is going on.  Yes, it is hot, but gee whiz, when I was growing up, if the bank sign didn't say at least 100 degrees on July 1st, there was something seriously wrong.  You would think I would be used to it, but I SWEAR (oooh, side note, that was funny I misspelled swear twice...kept typing sweat....Freudian slip much?) it is hotter now than ever.  I don't like it.  As much as I love summer, have to say that the last hurrah before beautiful autumn is a Debbie Downer.  The ground is dry and cracked.  The grass is crispy.  Previously lush flowerpots are embarrassed to stand on the steps.

Knitting has slowed down, but have to admit my fingers are beginning to itch in anticipation of starting lovely, chunky sweaters (I broke down and cast on a cardigan in some bulky yarn from my stash...yep, over 100 with heat index sounds like the perfect time for bulky yarn draped across your lap).

Even with the lost mojo and molasses-speed knitting, I actually finished Petrie.  Used Cascade Ultra Pima that was first used for the Ruffles Cardigan before it got ripped out.  Here it is in all it's glory on my extremely high tech blocking board.  It is appropriate that Petrie is looking a little sweaty, what with all this talk of hot weather!

The down side of blocking anything in this room is that I have to look at the boxes of books I have been avoiding.  As long as the door is closed, I can sort of forget that I really need to get busy and start planning the rapidly approaching RIF distributions! 

On the other hand, when the door gets left open, Sophie gets to sleep in one of her favorite spots!  (No worries, there are no physical babies in the house, but I can't comment on mental ones).

Ya'll stay cool and if nothing else, hold a book or some knitting in your hands and pretend to relax, you just might accidentally do it...



  1. The sweater looks great! And we discussed the summer and the mojo and I agree 100%....mine is lost as well! Gotta find it soon too, so much to do, so little time!

    Time for some exploration just south of us, do some new yarn shop hunting, don't you think? Deviate from your normal route? Become deviants?

  2. Hey, I just made a fresh batch of mojo, sending some your way!

  3. What is it with cats, they love sleeping in baby items. Ours used to sleep in the car seat, in the snug n safe anywhere the baby had been!

    You are brave, a chunky cardi in Summer!

  4. The heat is awful here too. We're having an extreme heat advisory today and tomorrow. I always slack off a bit with knitting in July; just too warm!

    I love the color of that yarn ... I dyed wool with Black Cherry koolaid once, and it came out close to that ;-)

  5. The sweater looks great! Great job on the dye. It's been warm here, but luckily not hot. I'm dreading August/September when the heat seems to start piling on.

  6. Love the sweater and Sophie looks so cute in the bassinete.

  7. The sweater is beautiful. I love the color. The heat has been killer here too. I agree, summer relaxation can start anytime.

  8. Lovely sweater. I hope I can cast on a sweater soon as well. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  9. The sweater is lovely and so is the kitty:) It has been horribly hot and dry here too. Here is to hoping it cools off soon!!

  10. Lovely word pictures and nice knitting. I could use a glass of that iced tea right now. Sitting here with my swollen ankles and newly delivered electric bill, eek! I wonder if I'll be able to turn off the a/c soon...

  11. It is true about summer; this one especially. It's been absolutely crazy for pretty much everyone I know. Evidenced by the early Saturday morning FAF reading when I should be outside accomplishing yard work while it's still cool. ;-/

  12. good job on the sweater! i think about knitting summer garments but so far haven't done anything more than queue them.

    my favorite part of fall is the gala celebration of no-more-lawn-mowing-until-next-year :-)

  13. I got to see the sweater but Dina hasn't tried it on yet...she didn't want to try it out when I was at her place on Saturday. Hope it fits and looks fantastic!

    I'm going to keep looking for those online knitting lessons and that one I was telling you about. I'm so ticked at myself for NOT bookmarking it for later! :(



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