Tuesday, August 16, 2011


There is no other way to describe it.  

What started out so promising...

Then got sidetracked by a WHOLE lot of wet and crazy weather...

My sweet little vegetable seeds have tried so hard, but the force has not been with them.  The seedlings sprouted up so straight and tall.  Then they got stronger and once it finally warmed up enough for them to sit in some dirt in the big bad outdoors, they turned into frightened little turtles and hid.

The evil chipmunks were no help either!  Nor were the deer helping themselves to an unsuspecting and unknowing salad bar.  

Remember the episode of Gilligan's Island where a crate washes ashore and is filled with all sorts of seeds?  They plant them and it turns out that they are radioactive seeds and produce HUGE vegetables.  Well, my little seeds have not seen that episode, in fact, quite the opposite.

 Over the last 4 weeks I have picked one or two green beans each week.  There were 8 of them, but Norman has this thing about playing with and then eating green beans.  He is a strange cat.  Kept hoping that the plants would suddenly be dripping with beans.  The flowers were there, but nothing else.  This year, I planted pole beans.  Normally, I plant bush beans, so I am blaming the lack of performance on that fact.

 Pretty bright red tomatoes.  Pretty tiny tomatoes.  The ones on the left are from a variety that is supposed to produce large quantities for canning over an entire month...3!  that's it, just 3!  For a point of reference, the camera lens cover is sitting there to illustrate the state of confusion that the 'maters on the right are in.  Guess what they are supposed to be?  BEEFSTEAK!

I don't even know what to say here.  I planted yellow crookneck squash seeds and these two things came off the same plant!

Sorta wishing the Vegetable Bunny would come and hide nice pretty veggies for me to find and put in my picking basket.


  1. Wow, sure wasn't a good year for produce! :( I'm sure you won't go hungry though....your pantry is so stocked! :)

  2. Oh dear, never mind hey....put it down to experience and move on :-) We tried to grow chili's and peppers.....our greenhouse blew away though.....I kid you not!! This year I will succeed :-P

  3. How weird is that? I've never grown anything in my life so that looks like quite a bounty to me.

  4. P.I.T.I.F.U.L. -- That's why my veggies are so small!

    Sorry...Aretha's singing your blues in my head. My tomato plant gave me one tomato, then three, then a dozen a day. Maybe things will get better? I haven't gotten any squash at all from my plant, though...the male flowers won't bloom at the same time as the female!! Isn't that just the way...never a good man around when you need one. ;)



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