Friday, August 5, 2011

Spinning Around

 Fiber has been flying and whirling and plying and soaking for the last week or so.  With the exception of the Infinity, the needles have been still. 

Back in June, I picked up a couple of bats and some balls of fiber at the Fiber Arts Festival.  The blue one was finished shortly after Minerva arrived.  The reddish, vegetable soup looking mass has been transformed...

I wish you could actually see more accurately the variations in the shading and the metallic gold running through it.  

The orbs of fiber are slowly decreasing in number as they are transformed into cakes of pretty yarn (trying to be very careful about spinning to a thickness to allow for a 2-ply of sport/DK weight)...

On Wednesday, I posted a riddle/joke from one of my boys.  The answer is:  He is holding a Swiss (cake roll) Army (note) Knife (dinner knife stuck in the cake rolls).  Hardee har har!  What can I say,  the corny humor acorn does not fall far from the tree! 

As I sit here typing away in the oven that is my office (the a/c unit outside has decided to be cantankerous and the repair dude has yet to call back) I am thankful that this happened THIS week instead of the inferno of the last couple of weeks and that not only is it Fibery Finished Objects Fun Time For All Friday, it is also Jimmy John's Friday...



  1. So when are we going to see some cast on? I look forward to seeing them being transferred from yarn to FO

  2. Ooo, would love to see a hat made out of your "vegetable soup" yarn!

  3. Your yarns are great! I can see the color texture in them and they will be beautiful knit up.

  4. Beautiful yarns! They will be gorgeous all knit up.

  5. Your yarns are very nice. The colors seem rustic and will knit into something beautiful I'm sure. Happy Fiber Arts Friday to you!

  6. Your pics are wonderful...but wish we could see the yarn in person. Pictures just never quite seem to pick up all the colors.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

  7. ksldfj That first yarn, I wish it were in my little claws right now, ready to be transformed into a scarf or an owl or something. Gorgeous.



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